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What 6 countries made up the fertile crescent?
Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon.
How did the development of agriculture change daily lives?
people began to farm for food supply,they built permanent shelters, settled in large communities,worked together to produce what they needed,developed skills which made new things and created jobs. later, they began to trade
How did they develop a stable food supply they discovered they could plant?
they discovered which seeds they could plant to make crops. they also learned which seeds grew better where they lived. we domesticated animals for meat, and milk, and to hep with work, pull plows
what 2 developments of growing crops and domestication of animals is called.
Where did nomads live?
A tent or a rough structure, or a cave.
Once people settled in communities what materials where used to build permanent shelters?
Stone, mud bricks, trees branches for strength.
What important conditions did permanent shelter provide?
Protection from weather and animals made life more comfortable people could cook new ways.
How did communities make it possible for people organize themselves.
People could divide up the work and meet all of there needs. Some grew crops some built houses some make tools. Once they had there basic needs they had time for other activities such as inventing ways to make life more comfortable. Larger communities help defend theme selves.
What skills were developed after people had stable food supplies.
Tool makers, traders basket makers , and weavers.
The business of buying and selling or exchanging goods.
How did these specialized skills give people the opportunity to improved ways they worked.
Clothes makers developed new ways to weave stoneworkers created sharper tools with mined flint and the potters started decorating and house builders added special rooms to honor the gods.
What did the early man trade?
The early man traded with other groups for animals plants and other resources for survival
What was the purpose of trade after people had there basic needs.
To get resources they did not have in their own area, they also wanted resources that would improve the things they made allowing them to have a permanent job.
what did the traits spread around the ancient world
ideals and knowledge