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What were the 4 different types of government in Ancient Greece?
monarchy,oligarchy,tyranny and democracy
most city-states were ruled by?
monarchs (kings)
what is monarchy?
the governing power is in the hands of 1 person
at first kings&monarchs were chosen by the people and when he died, another was selected. what did the kings demand because of this policy?
they demanded that after their death, power was to be passed to their children
what was the name of the council used by the monarchs?
what was an aristocrat?
a member of the most powerful class in Ancient Greek society that advised the monarchs
what did the aristocrats supply the monarchs?
advise, soldiers, horses and armor
what is a coup?
taking over power by force
who were the men who forced the oligarchs from power?
how is a tyrant different from a monarch?
he couldn't claim the laws of the land gave him the right to rule. he had no legal limits to his power. a tyrants son did not usually inherit his fathers position
athenians developed a new form of government around 500 BC. what was it called?
what does the word democracy mean?
rule by the people
how was Greek democracy different from todays democracy?
every citizen was aloud to vote on every issue
define oligarchy
the ruling power is in the hands of a few people mostly rich men
how did the oligarchs ignore the needs of the poor?
passed laws that favored the rich, used the army to force those to obey laws, farmers who were unable to pay their debts were sold into slavery
what was one of the great gifts from Ancient Greece to the modern world?
the idea that people can and should rule themselves
who was Athens leader from 460 to 429?
what was the most famous religious building that pericles is known for?
what was pericles belief about athens serving as a model in culture and government?
he encouraged creativity in the arts, drama, and music. he was a strong supporter of democracy and made reforms to encourage this growth
who was one of the greatest philosophers in Athens during this time period?
what did socrates teach?
that the people should question the things they thought they knew. led students to think about their beliefs
why and how was socrates killed?
he was forced to drink a poison, hemlock, for dishonoring gods and leading young people into error and disloyalty