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meaning bridge has an interesting derivative in the word Pontiff. The pagan religion of the Romans centered around the worship of the Greek Gods. Various colleges were established to train men to serve these gods. The duties of the College of Pontiffs was to superintend all religious matters and to care for the bridge over the Tiber River which connected both sides of the city of Rome. The head of this college was the Pontifex Maximus, a title later given to the emperors.
the early government of Rome ws a monarchy. The king functioned as the commander of the army, administrator of justice and the chief priest. The king's power was called the imperium. A small bundle of rods which enclosed an axe, called the fasces, symbolized his power. After the overthrow of the monarchy of 509 B.C. elected consuls replaced the king and held the imperium. The word imperium came more and more to mean "power to command the army." so the consul took on the title of imperator meaning general. This title was later taken as a name by the Roman emperors.
refers to a public enemy(eg enemy of the state). when used this way it should be used in the collective sense using the Latin plural
caput, capitis
Many people agree that the head is an important part of the body. It is especially important in Latin for it is the base for many English derivatives.
Capital comes to us through the adjective, capitalis, meaning,pertaining to a head. Each state has a capital city from with government business is conducted. A capital crime is usually punishable by death. When we speak of capital in a financial sense it refers to wealth which is one's chief property.
Capitol. The Capitol at Rome was the beautiful Temple center called the Capitolium. A capital is a city which is a city of government; a capitol is a building from which one transacts business
in the early days of the roman republic, young boys were trained in military arts and ate together. The Latin gives us the word company meaning, with bread. A companion is one with whom one eats bread. In time company came to mean a group associated for any purpose whatsover.
this latin verb meaning to sit is rich in English derivatives. Combined with various prepositions, the meanings of most of them are obvious. When a prefix is combined with this verb the ordinary form is sidere, as in praesidere(from which we get the word president) many of the verbs come from the 4th principal part, asses and possess
from this simple latin verb meaning to hold comes a wealth of English derivatives. Retentive, sustinere, abstinere, detinere, content, continent
In the temple of Juno Moneta the Romans used to coin money and the word moneta came to mean "mint". From this comes monetary and our word money.
Latin words ending in "tor"
Means "one who does"
imperator=one who commands, from impero, command
creator=one who makes, from creo,mke
creditor=one who trusts,from credo, trust
gladiator=one who fights with a sword, from gladius, sword
liberator=one who frees, from libero, set free
pastor=one who shepherds, from pastor, shepherd
spectator=one who watches, from specto, look at, watch
cor, cordis
record is derived from the latin word "cor" meaning "heart". There is a latin verb, recordari, which means to bring to mind, recollect. The Romans thought of the heart not only as the center of feelings but also as that of the mind and memory. This idea is preserved in the idea of "learning by heart", that is, memorizing. Cordial means hearty, sincere. When two people are in accord, their hearts are together;they agree. When there is discord between them their hearts are apart; they disagree