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The symbol that indicated to which paragraph an object is attached

Artistic effect

Formats applied to images that make pics resemble sketches or paintings

Bar tab stop

To indent and align text. Veritable bar display at the tab stop

Dot leader

A series of dots preceding a tab that guides the eye across the line

Drawing objects

Graphic objects ex. Shapes,lines


A single piece of info that is stored in every record and formatted as a column in a database table

Floating object

A graphic that can be moved independently of surrounding text characters

Formatting marks

Characters that display OK the screen but don't not print, indicating where the Enter key,the spacebar,and the tab were pressed. Also called nonprinting characters


Pictures,clip art,etc

Inline object

And object or graphic inserted in a document that acts like a character in a sentence

Justified alignment

An arrangement of text in which the text aligns evenly on both left and right margins

Leading characters

Characters that form a solid,dotted,or dashed line that fills space preceding a tab stop


The actions of moving an object on the page in small precise increments

Smart art

A designer quality visual rep of your info that you create by choosing from among different layout to effectively communicate your message or ideas

Spin box

A small box with and upward and downward arrow that let's you move rapidly though a set of values clicking


Secondary level info in a smart art graphic

Text wrapping

The manner in which text displays around an object

Top level points

The main text points in a smart art graphic


The feature that moves text from the right edge of a paragraph to the beginning of the next line as necessary to fit within the margins

Complimentary closing

A parting farewell in a business letter -__-

Content control

In a template, an area indicated by placeholder text that can be used to add text, pic, dates, or lists


Additional documents included with a business letter

Hypertext makeup language (HTML)

The language used to format documents that can be opened using Web browser

Inside address

The name and address of the person receiving the letter; positioned below the date line

New from existing

The word command that opens an existing document as a new unnamed document, so that you can use it as a starting point for a new document

Placeholder text

Text in a content control that indicates the type of info to be entered in a specific location


The greeting line of business letter

Single file Web page

A doc saved using html

Writer's identification

The name and title of the author of a letter, placed near the bottom of the letter under the complimentary closing--also referred to as the writer's signature block

Writer's signature block

The name and title of the author of a letter placed near the bottom of the letter under the complimentary closing


Note inserted into the text of a report or research paper that refers the reader to a source in the bib.

Column break imdicator

A single dotted line with the text column break that indicate where a manual column was inserted

Data source

The tables or table from which a form,query, or report retrieved its data

Hanging indent

An indent style in which the first line of a paragraph extends to the left of the remaining lines, and this commonly used for bibliography entries.

Line break indicator

A small nonprinting bent arrow that displays where a manual line break was inserted

Mail merge

A Microsoft word feature that joins a main doc and a data source to create customized letter or labels

Main document

In a mail merge, the doc. That contains the text or formatting that remains constant

Manual column break

An artificial end to a column to balance or to provide space for the insertion of other object

Manual line break

The action of ending a line, w/o creating a new paragragh

Manual page break

The action of forcing a page to end and placing subsequent text at the top of the next page

Page break indicator

A dotted line with the text page break that indicates where a manual page break was inserted


A portion of a doc that can be formatted differently from the rest of the doc

Section break

A double dotted line that indicates the end of one sections and the beginning of another sections