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aqua, aque: water
aquarium, aquatic, aqueous, subaqueous
auto: self
autobiography, autograph, automatic, automation
biblio: book
bibliography, bibliolatry
cap, cep, cept: take
accept, capture, exception, inception
ed, cede, ceed, cess: go, move
accede, concede, concession, exceed, excess, intercede, precede, proceed, recede, secession
chron: time
anachronism, chronometer
cide, cis: cut
decide, excise, incision
clude, clus: close, shut
exclude, exclusive, include, recluse, seclude
cog, cogn: knowledge of
cognizant, incognito, recognition
cur, curs: run
concurrent, cursory, precursor, recurrent
duce, duct: lead
abduct, conducive, deduce, introduce, reduction
fact, fect, fict: make, do
affectation, defect, effect, fictitious
fer: carry, bring
conference, differ, ferret, infer, offer, preference, reference, transfer
flect, flex: bend, turn
circumflex, flexible, genuflect, reflect, reflex
fring, fract: break
fracture, infraction, infringe, refract
graph: gram: picture, writing
diagram, epigram, graph, seismograph, telegram, telegraph
greg: group, gather
aggregation, congregate, gregarious, segregate
gress, grad: move
aggressive, degrade, graduate, ingredient, progress, regress, upgrade
hydr: water
dehydrate, hydrant, hydrolic, hydrogen, hydrology, hydrophobia, hydrotherapy
ject: throw
conjecture, dejected, eject, inject, projectile, subjected
junct: join
conjunction, injoin, injunction, junction
juris: law, justice
jurisdiction, jurisprudence, jurist
logue: speaking, speech
dialogue, epilogue, eulogy, monologue, prologue
log, loc: talk, speak
colloquy, elocution, interlocutors, loquacious
lude, lus: play
allude, allusion, delude, ellude, prelude
mand: order, command
countermand, mandate, mandatory, remand
manu: hand
manicure, manifest, manipulate, manual, manuscript, manufacture
mem, ment: mind, memory
commemorate, demented, mention, reminisce
mis, miss, mit: send
commit, dismiss, emit, remission, submit, transmit
ped, pod: foot
biped, impede, pedestrian, podiatrist, tripod
pel, pulse: drive, push
dispel, expel, impulse, propel, repel
pend, pense: hang, weigh
appendix, dispense, expenditure, impending, suspend
plac: please
implacable, placate, placibo, placid
pli, plic: fold
implicate, pliable
pone, pose, posit: place or put
component, dispose, exponent, oppose, proponent
port: carry, bring
deportation, export, import, report, transport
rect, reg: to rule or lead, straight
erect, rectify, rectitude, regulate, rectangle
rupt: break
disrupt, erupt, rupture
scend, scent: climb
ascend, condescend, descent, transcend
scribe, script: write
describe, inscription, prescription, proscribe
sec,sect: cut
bisect, disect, sector
sert: declare, state
assert, insert
serve: keep, save
conserve, preservation, reservation
sist: stand, set
desist, inconsistent, insistent
spec, spect: see, look
aspect, prospective, spectrum, speculate
tain, ten: hold
contain, containment, detain, retain, tenacious
term: end, limit
exterminate, interminable, terminate, terminus
tort: twist
contort, distortion, extort
tract: draw, drag
attract, distraction, extract, intractable, protractable
vene, vent: come
advent, circumvent, convene, intervene
vince, vict: conquer, overcome
convince, invincible, victor
volve, volu: roll, turn
convoluted, evolution, involve, revolution