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카우 얼 1, 웅크리다:The sound of her boss's footsteps in the hallway made Lizzie cower behind her desk like a wounded animal.
크뤠쓰 어리석은:Sending a get-well card to the man who had just died was a pretty ~ gesture, in the opinion of his widow.
크뤠이 번 1, 겁많은:The ~ soldier turned his back on his wounded comrade and ran for the safety of the trenches.
크뤄 쉔 도우 2, 크레셴도:The concert ended with a stirring ~ that began with a single note from a single violin and built up to a thunderous roar from every instrument in the orchestra.:a gradual increase in the intensity of anything:The fund-raising campaign built slowly to a
~ of giving that pushed the total well beyond the original goal.
크뤠스트 팔 런 1, 풀이죽은:dejected; dispirited:Your crest is the highest point of your body--your head. When your crest falls--when your head is drooping--you are dejected or dispirited. You are ~.:The big red F on her science paper left Zoe ~, until she realized that the F stood for Fantastic.:I was ~ when I opened my Christmas presents; all I got was underweaer and socks.
크뤠 버쓰 1, 틈:The million-dollar bill I had found on the sidewalk fell into a crevice between the two buildings, and I never saw it again.
크륀쥐 움찔하다:Alison ~d when the doctor came striding toward her with an enormous hypodermic needle in his hand.:굽실거리다:The ~ing jester(어릿광대) eventually began to annoy the king, who told the jester to stop fawning.
크뤼 티잌 2, 비평:The reviewer's brutal ~ of my latest book made me reluctant ever to pick up a pen again.v.The art teacher ~d the students' projects in front of the entire class, making some of the students feel utterly miserable.
크뤅쓰 the central point; the essence:The ~ of an argument is the crucial part of it.~ and crucial are related words. Very often when you see this word, it will be followed by "of the matter." The ~ of the matter is the heart of the matter.:Building a lot of atom bombs and dropping them on the capital was the ~ of the renegade general's plan to topple the existing government.
크위 진 2, 요리:a style of cooking:~ is the French word for kitchen and cooking. A restaurant advertising French ~ is a restaurant that serves food prepared in a French style. A restaurant advertising Italian ~ is slightly absurd, since ~ is French not Italian, but this usage is very common and everyone understands it.
컬 따다:The farmer ~ed the very best raspberries from his new crop and sold them for twenty-five cents apiece.:추려내다:The poet ~ed a few of his favorite poems from among his collected works and had them printed in a special edition.
컬브 억제하다:The best way I've found to ~ my appetite is to eat a couple of pints of coffee ice cream; once I've done that, I'm not hungry anymore.:control:The scout leader did his best to ~ the young scouts' natural tendency to beat up one another.:A ~ is something that ~s. The ~ on a street is a barrier that ~s cars from driving onto the sidewalk.
컬 머 줜 2, 심술쟁이:Old age had turned kindly old Mr.Green into a ~; he never seemed to see anything that didn't displease him, and he always had something nasty to say to the people who came to visit.:adj.~ly
디 베이쓰 2, 가치를떨어뜨리다:To deprive a single person of his or her constitutional rights ~s the liberty of us all.:Soviet monetary policies had ~ed the national currency to such an extent that rubles were worth almost nothing outside the Soviet Union.n.debasement
디 벙크 2, ~의정체를폭로하다:The reporter's careful expose ~ed the company's claim that it had not been dumping radioactive waste into the Hudson River.:Bunk, by the way, is nonsense or meaningless talk.
디 크롸이 2, 헐뜯다:The environmental organization quickly issued a report ~ing the large mining company's plan to reduce the entire mountain to rubble in its search for uranium.
데 퍼 앁 1, 적자:The national ~ is the amount by which the nation's revenues fall short of its expenditures.:부족함:Frank had forgotten to eat lunch; he made up the ~ at dinner by eating seconds of everything.
디 퐈일 2, 더럽히다:The snowy field was so beautiful that I hated to ~ it by driving across it.:In the night, vandals ~ the painting
데프트 솜씨좋은:The store ~ was so ~ in his capture of the shoplifter that none of the customers was aware of what was going on.:재치있는:In one ~ move, the shortstop scooped the ball out of the dirt and flipped it to the second baseman.
디 펑크트 없어져버린:Most of the business in the oldest section of downtown were now ~; the new shopping mall on the other side of the river had put them out of business.:~ is related to the word function.
디 그뤠읻 2, to lower in dignity or status 지위를낮추다; Being made to perform menial(시시한) duties at the behest(명령) of overbearing(고압적인) male senior partners clearly ~s the law firm's female associates.:The former bank president felt ~ed to work as a teller, but he was unable to find any other job. The former bank president felt that working as a teller was ~ing.:<질이>나빠지다:The secret potion(약)had ~ed over the years to the point where it was no longer capable of turning a person into a frog.
대인 황송하옵게도..하여주시다:When I asked the prince whether he would be willing to lend me five bucks for the rest of the day, he did not ~ to make a reply.
디이 어 티 1, 신:Members of the ancient tribe believed that the big spruce tree in the middle of the forest was an angry ~ that punished them by ruining crops and bringing bad deify(디 어 파이 1)신격화하다:Gloria ~ied money;the "almighty dollar" was her god.
디 줵 틷 2, 낙담한:Barney was ~ when he heard that Fred had gone to the lodge without him, but he cheered up later when Betty made him some brownies.:To be ~ is to be in a state of dejection.
딜 렉 떠 벌 2, 즐거운:Vince's success as a writer was made all the more ~ to him by the failure of his closest rival.:맛있는:The Chirstmas turkey looked ~ from a distance, but it was so dry and leathery that it was nearly impossible to eat.
딜 링 크웬트 2, 자기의무를소홀히하는:The ~ father failed to show up for visits with his children from his first marriage.:체납하는:The city's motor vehicle bureau decided to impound the cars of drivers who had been in ~ in paying their traffic tickets.n.A person who fails to pay his or her taxes is a tax ~ and is subject to prosecution. A juvenile ~ is a young person who habitually breaks the law.
델브 깊이파고들다:Janice was afraid to ~ into her childhood memories, because she was afraid of what she might remember.
디 미이 널 2, 처신:You could tell by Harold's ~ that he was a jerk; he picked his nose two nostrils(콧구멍) at a time, and he snorted(콧방귀뀌다) loudly whenever he heard or saw something that he didn't like.:태도:The substitute teacher was thrilled by the ~ of the children until she realized that they had glued her to her seat.
디 마이즈 2, 죽음:Aunt Isabel was grief-stricken about the ~ of her favorite rosebush; that plant was the only friend she had ever had.:소멸:Ever since the legislature had passed an income tax, Senator Jones had been working to bring about its ~.
디 마 그뤄 피 2, 인구통계학:When a magazine announces that 75% of its readers drink Scotch and that 53% of them earn more than $100,000 per year, it is referring to the results of a demographic(대 머 그래 픽 3) study. The characteristics measured in such a study are referred to as the demographics of the group being studied.:Computers have made it possible for companies to learn quite a bit about the demographics of their customers, such as how old they are, how much moeny they make, how many children they have, and what other products they buy.:A person who studies demographics is a demographer(디 마 그뤄 퍼 2)
디 멀 2, 난색을표하다:Billy ~red when I suggested that he eat the entire plate of "seriously spicy" chicken wings at Fred's dinner.
디 뮤얼 2, 수줍은:Jenna was a ~ child; she sat quietly next to her mother with her hands folded in her lap.
디 나 머 네이 션 4, 종파:Religious ~s are religious groups consisting of a number of related congregations. Episcopalians and Methodists represent two distinct Christian ~s.:액면금액:~ is often used in connection with currency. When a bank robber demands bills in small ~s, he or she is demanding bills with low face values;ones, fives, and tens.
디 노웉 2, ..를의미하다:Blue stains in the sink ~ acidic water in the pipes.:to signify:The doll's name--Baby Wet'n'Mess--~s exactly what it does.
디 플로어 2, 한탄하다:~ing waste is one thing; actually learning to be less wasteful is another.
디 플로이 2, (부대를)배치하다:The Soviet soldiers were ~ed along the border of Afghanistan, ready to attack.
디 포우즈 2, 물러나게하다:The disgruntled generals ~ed the king, then took him out to the courtyard and shot him.
데 프뤄 데잍 1, ~를먹이로삼다:The greedy broker ~ed his elderly clients, stealing many millions of dollars before he was finally caught and sent to jail.:약탈하다:Despite the frequent ~s of the enemy soldiers, the villagers rebuilt their homes and went on with their lives.
데 뤌 릭트 1, 무책임한:The crack-addicted mother was ~ in her duty to her children; they were running around on the city streets in filthy clothes.:버려진:The broken shutters on the ~ house banged back and forth in the wind, confirming the children's suspicion that it was haunted.
디 지스트 2, 그만두다:Mary was slurping her soup loudly when Greta asked her to ~.
디 바웉 2, 독실한:Mary was such a ~ Catholic that she decided to become a nun and spend the rest of her life in a convent.:devout is related to devoted. Someone who is devoted to something is a devotee.
다이 어 트롸입 1, a bitter, abusive denunciation:Arnold's review of Norman Mailer's new book rapidly turned into a ~ against Mailer's writing.:The essay was more of a ~ than a critique; you could almost hear the sputtering of the author as you read it.
다이 카 터 미 2, division into two parts, especially contradictory ones:There has always been a ~ between What Harry says and what he does; he says thing and does the other.:Linda could never resolve the ~ between her desire to help other people and her desire to make lots and lots of money, so she decided just to make lots and lots of money.
디 퓨우즈 2, 확산되다:The tear gas ~ed across the campus; students as far away as the library reported that their eyes were stinging.:확산된:Resistance to the proposition was so ~ that the opposition movement was never able to develop any momentum.
다이 레잍 2, 확장시키다:Before examining my eyes, the doctor gave me some eyedrops that ~ed my pupils.:길게말하다:The evening speaker ~ed on his subject for so long that most of the people in the audience fell asleep.
디 머 누 션 3, 저하:The process was so gradual that Larry didn't notice the ~ of his eyesight; it seemed to him that he had simply woken up blind one morning.:감소:The ~ of the value of savings means that I am not as wealthy as I used to be.adj.diminutive 디 미 뉴 팁 2, 아주작은:The giant's wife was surprisingly ~; when she stood beside her husband, she looked like his child.
다이 얼 1, 처참한:The tornado struck the center of town, with ~ results; nearly every building was flattened, and all the beer poured into the streets.
덜쥐 장송가
디쓰 어 팩트 3, to cause to lose affection;to estrange; to alienate:With years of nitpikcing, pestering, and faultfinding, Mary ~ed her children.:My students' nasty comments did not ~ me; I gave them all F's anyway, to show them that I loved them.:adj.disaffected:to be no longer content or no longer loyal.:The assassination attempt was made by a ~ civil servant who felt that the government had ruined his life.
디쓰 어 뤠이 3, 난잡:My children played in my office for several hours yesterday, and they left the place in ~, with papers and supplies scattered everywhere.:혼란:The entire company had been in ~ ever since federal officers had arrested most of the vice presidents.:v.:The intermittent artillery bombardment ~ed the soldiers, making it impossible for them to make an organized counterattack.
디쓰 클레임 2, to deny any claim to:The mayor publicly ~ed any personal interest in his brother's concrete company, even though he was a major stockholder.:A disclaimer(디쓰 클레이 멀 2) is an act or statement that ~s.An advertisement that makes a bold claim in large type("Cures Cancer!") will often also make a meek ~er in tiny type("Except in living things") in order to keep it from violating truth-in-advertising laws.
디쓰 컴 핕 2, 좌절시키다:I was ~ed by my secretary's inability to type, write a grammatical sentence, answer the telephone, or recite the alphabet; in fact, I began to think that he might not be fully qualified for the job.
디쓰 컨 썰트 3, 당황하게하다:The boos of the audience did not ~ Bob; he droned on with his endless, boring speech regardless.
디쓰 컬 씨브 2, 종잡을수없는:My mother's letter was long and ~; if she had a point, she never got to it.
디쓰 크뤈 털 2, 불만을품게하다:The children were ~ed by the lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings.
디쓰 인 펄 메이 션 4, 허위정보(정부에의한):The government hoped to weaken the revolutionary movement by leaking ~ about it to the local press.
디즈 멀 1, 음침한:The weather has been ~ ever since our vacation began; a cold wind has been blowing, and it has rained almost every day.:참담한:The new television show received ~ ratings and was canceled before its third episode had aired.
디쓰 메이 2, 질리게하다:The carnage [knid]n. 고어 (전쟁터 등의) 즐비한 시체, 송장 in the field ~ed the soldiers, and they stood frozen in their steps.:to discourage greatly:Peter ~ed his children by criticizing nearly everything they did and never finding anything nice to say about their school work.
디쓰 페쉬 어 넡 2, 냉정한:The prosecutor's ~ enumeration of the defendant's terrible crimes had a far more devastating effect on the jury than a passionate, highly emotional speech would have had. The judge had no interest in either side of the dispute; she was a ~ observer.:adj.impassive(임 패 씨브 2):revealing no emotions, or expressionless
디쓰 피 뤝 2, 기를꺾다:The coach tried not to let the team's one thousandth consecutive defeat ~ him, but somehow he couldn't help but feel discouraged.
디쓰 퍼 지 쉬원 3, characteristic attitude:Mary Lou had always had a sweet ~; even when she was a baby, she smiled almost constantly and never complained.:inclination:My natural ~ is to play golf all the time and not care about anything or anyone else. I am disposed(디쓰 포우즈드 2) to play golf all the time.:배치:The seemingly random ~ of buildings on the campus suggested that no one had given much thought to how the campus ought to be laid out.:Predisposition ia an attitude or state of mind beforehand:The heavy-metal music of the warm-up band, the Snakeheads, did not favorably predispose the audience to enjoy the Barry Manilow concert.
디쓰 콰이 엍 2, 불편하게하다:The movie's graphic depiction of childbirth ~ed the children, who had been expecting a story about a stork(황새).
디 쎔 벌 2, ..를숨기다:Anne successfully ~ed her hatred for Beth; in fact, Beth viewed Anne as her best friend:시치미떼다:When asked by young children about Santa Claus, parents are allowed to ~.:cf.disassemble:to take apart.