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어 스트륀 전트 2, harsh:Edmund's ~ review enumerated so many dreadful flaws in the new book that the book quickly disappeared from the bestseller list.
어 싸일 럼 2, 보호시설:After Dr.Jones incorrectly diagnosed her nail-biting as the symptom of a severe mental illness, Stella was confined in a lunatic ~(정신병원) for thirty-seven years.:피난처:"The woods are my ~," Marjorie said. "I go there to escape the insanity of the world.
어 토운 2, to make amends:the verb ~ is followed by the preposition "for." To ~ for your sins is to do something that makes up for the fact that you committed them in the first place.:The pianist ~d for his past failures by winning every award at the international competition.:In the view of the victim's family, nothing the murderer did could ~ for the crime he had committed.
애 트뤄 피 1, 퇴화하다:The weightlifter's right arm was much thinner and less bulgy than his left; it had ~ed severely during the six weeks it had been in a cast.감퇴하다:The student's interest in algebra had ~ed to the point where they could scarcely keep their eyes open in class.
어 테스트 2, to give testimony(증명하다):Helen's skillful guitar playing ~ed to the endless hours she had spent practicing.:증언하다:At the parole hearing, the police officer ~ed to Henry's eagerness to rob more banks, and the judge sent Henry back to prison for at least another year.
어 걸 1, ~ well[ill] 길조[흉조]를 보이다, 징조가 좋다[나쁘다]:The many mistakes made by the dancers during dress rehearsal did not ~ well for their performance later that night.:..의징조이다:The eleven touchdowns and four field goals scored in the first quarter ~ed victory for the high school football team.n.augury:어 궈 뤼 1, Elizabeth believed that most of the market consultants had no solid basis for their predictions, and that financial ~ as practiced by them was mere hocus-pocus.
어 거스트 2, 위엄있는:The queen's ~ manner and regal bearing caused everyone in the room to fall silent the moment she entered.
어 스퍼 쎄즈 1, protection; support; sponsorship:You will find auspice in the dictionary, but this word is almost always used in the plural, and it is usually preceded by the words "under the":The fund-raising event was conducted under the ~ of the local volunteer organization, whose members sold tickets , parked cars, and cleaned up afterward.
어 스피쉬 어쓰 2, promising, favorable, or fortunate:Weddings and political conventions are often referred to as ~ occasions.:Harry and Bob hoped to play golf that morning, but the dark clouds, gale-force winds, and six inches of snow were in~.
억 질 리어 뤼 2, 보조의:When Sam's car broke down, he had to switch to an ~ power source; that is, he had to get out and push.
어 벌트 2, 돌리다:Mary Anne ~ed her eyes and pretended not to see Doug slip on the ice so he wouldn't be embarrassed.:막다 The company temporarily ~ed disaster by stealing several million dollars from the employee's pension fund.
애 빋 1, eager; enthusiastic:Eloise is an ~ bridge player; she would ratherh play bridge than eat.
배 커 널 1, a party animal; a drunken reveler:a drunken revelry or orgy:The fraternity was shut down by the university after a three day ~ that left a dozen students in the infirmary인 펄 머 뤼 2, 의무실
베일 풀 1, menacing; threatening 위협적인:Almost every time you see this word, it will be followed by the word glance. A ~ glance is a look that could kill. Other things can be ~, too.:The students responded to the professor's feeble joke by sitting in ~ silence.
벜 망설이다:Susan had said she would be happy to help out with the charity event, but she ~ed at the idea of sitting on a flagpole for a month. 갑자기멈추다(stop short)Vernon ~ed when the instructor told him to do a belly-flop from the high diving board; he did not want to do it.
밸 리 후 1, sensational advertising or promotion; uproar:This is an informal word of unknown though distinctly American origin:Behind the ~ created by the fifty-million-dollar promotional campaign, there was nothing but a crummy movie thath no one really wanted to see.:The public relations director could think of no legitimate case to make for her client, so she resorted to ~.:The candidate tried to give his speech, but his words could not be heard above the ~ on the convention floor.
범 위안:After Larry had suffered through endless concert by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the sound of the Guns N'Roses album played at full volume on his Walkman was a ~ to his ears.:~y 버 미 1, weather is mild, pleasant, wonderful weather. In slang usage, a ~ person is someone who is eccenstric or foolish.
밴 디 1, to toss back and forth(던지다):Isadora sat on the hillside all day, eating M&Ms and watching the wind ~ the leaves on the trees.:주고받다:The enemies ~ied insults for a few minutes, then jumped on each other and began to fight.
밴 털 1, 농담주고받기:The handsome young teacher fell into easy ~ with his students, who were not much younger than banter with someone is to converse using ~.
버 로우크 2, 바로크양식의; 지나치게장식적인:Harry's writing style was a little ~ for my taste; he used so many fancy adjectives and adverbs that it was always hard to tell what he was trying to say.
버어 벌 1, (번지르르한)싸구려물건:Sally tried to buy Harry's affection by showering him with ~s, but Harry held out for diamonds.
벧 럼 1, noisy uproar and chaos; a place characterized by noisy uproar and chaos.:In medieval London, there was a lunatic asylum called St.Mary of Bethlehem, popularly known as Bedlam. If a teacher says that there is bedlam in her classroom, she means that her students are acting like lunatics.:A few seconds after IBM announced that it was going out of business, there was ~ on the floor of the NYSE.
비 그러쥐 2, 시기하다:The famous author ~ed his daughter herh success as a writer; he couldn't stand the thought of her being a better writer than he.
비 헤스트 2, 명령:The president was impeached after the panel determined that the illegal act had been committed at his ~.:At my ~, my son cleaned up his room.
비 모운 2, 탄식하다:Jerry ~ed the D he had received on his chemistry exam, but he didn't study any harder.
베 너 딕 션 3, 축복:Jack and Jill were married without their parents' ~; in fact their parents had no idea that Jack and Jill had married.opp.malediction 맬 러 딕 션 3, 비방:Despite the near-universal ~ of the critics, the sequel to Gone with the Wind became a huge bestseller.
비 나이 턷 2, 무지몽배한:Not one of Mr.Emerson's ~ students could say with certainty in which century the Second World War had occurred.
빌 리어쓰 1, ill-tempered; cranky:Bilious is derived from bile, a greenish yellow liquid excreted by the liver. In the middle ages, bile was one of several "humors" that were thought to govern human emotion. In those days, anger and crankiness were held to be the result of an excess of bile. Bilious today can be used in a specific medical sense to refer to excretions of the liver or to particular medical conditions involving those same secretions, but it is usually used in a figurative sense that dates back to medieval beliefs about humors. To be ~ is to be in a grumpy, angry mood.:The new dean's ~ remarks about members of the faculty quickly made her one of the least popular figures on campus.
비브 윀 1, 야영지:The tents and campfires of the soldiers' ~ could be seen from the top of a nearby mountain, and the enemy commander launched a devastating barrage.
블렌취 창백해지다:Margaret ~ed when Jacob told her their vacatoin house was haunted.희게하다:The hot, dry summer had left the leaves on the trees looking ~ed and dry.
블렌드 자극성이적은:George ate only ~ foods, because he believed that anything with too much flavor in it would make him tense and excitable.:김빠진:After the censors had finished with it, the formerly X-rated movie was so ~ and unexciting that no one went to see it.
블랜 디쉬 먼트 1, 감언:Angela was impervious to the ~s of her employees; no matter how much they flattered her, she refused to give them raises.
블러쓰 털 1, 거세게몰아치다:The cold winter wind ~ed all day long, rattling the windows and chilling everyone to the bone.:A day during which the wind ~s would be a blustery(블러쓰 터 뤼 1)day.
바함 배스트 1, 허풍:If you stripped away the ~ from the candidate's campaign speeches, you would find little left except a handful of misconceptions and a few downright lies.adj.bombastic(밤 바스 틱 2)
bon vivant
번 비 밴트 1, 식도락가:Harvey played the ~ when he was with his friends, but when he was alone he was a drudge and workaholic.
bona fide
보후 너 파이드 1, done or made in good faith:The customer's million-dollar offer for the car turned out not to be ~; it had not been made in good faith.:The signature on the painting appeared to be ~; it really did seem to be Van Gogh's.
부운 축복:Construction of the nuclear-waste incinerator(소각로) was a ~ for the impoverished town; the fees the town earned enabled it to repair its schools and rebuild its road.:혜택:The company's car that came with Sam's new job turned out not to be the ~ it had first appeared to be; Sam quickly realized that he was expected to spend almost all his time in it, driving from one appointment to another.
부얼 몰상식한사람:The ~ at the next table kept climbing up on his chair and shouting at the waitress.adj. boorish
부 티 1, 전리품:The gear of the returning soldiers was so loaded down with ~ that the commanding officer had to issue weight restrictions.
이득:Seven helicopters and a dozen private jets were part of ~ in the corporate takeover.
바핱취 망치다:Melvin ~ed his science project by pouring Coca-Cola into his ant farm.:서투르게 만들다 The carpenter had ~ed his repair of our opd porch, and dthe whole thing came crashing down when Aunt Sylvia stepped on it.
브뤠이 씽 1, 상쾌한:Before breakfast every morning, Lulu enjoyed a ~ swim in the Arctic Ocean.
브뤤 디쉬 1, 휘두르다:~ing a knife, the robber told the frightened store keeper to hand over all the money in the cash register.
브뤄 바하 도우 2, 허세:The commander's speech was the product not of bravery but of bravado; as soon as the soldiers left the room, he collapsed in tears.
브러언 힘:big muscles:All the other boys in the class thought it extremely unfair that Norbert had both brains and ~.:great strength:The old engine didn't have the ~ to propel the tractor up the side of the steep hill.:to be ~y is to be very muscular:The members of the football team were so ~ that each one needed two seats on the airplane in order to sit comfortably.
브뤠이 전 1, impudent; bold:~ comes from a word meaning brass.To be ~ is to be as bold as brass.(~ can also be used to refer to things that really are made of brass, or that have characteristics similar to those of brass. For example, the sound of a trumpete might be said to be ~):The students' ~ response to their teacher's request was to stand up and walk out of the classroom.:The infantry made a ~ charge into the very heart of the enemy position.
브뤼취 위반:Most of the senators weren't particularly bothered by the fact that one of their colleagues had been taking bribes, but they viewed his getting caught as an indefensible ~ of acceptable behavior.
갈라진틈:At first, the water trickled slowly through the breach in the dam, but it gradually gathered force, and soon both the dam and the town below it had been washed away.
브륑크 가장자리:The mother became somewhat nervous when she saw her toddler dancing along the ~ of the cliff.:on [at] the ~ of 금방 할 것 같은, 하기 직전에:The sputtering engine sent the airliner on a steep downward course that brought it to the very ~ of disaster; then the pilot woke up, yawned, and pulled back on the throttle.
a political term describing an effort by one country or official to gain an advantage over another by appearing willing to push a dangerous situation to the brink, such as by resorting to nuclear weapons. To engage in ~ is to appear willing to risk the destruction of the world rather than to lose a particular conflict.
브뤼 썰 1, (특히 돼지의) 센털, 강모(剛毛)
2 (솔 등의) 털; [pl.] (면도 후에 자란) 억센 털:A ~ brush is a brush made out of short, stiff hairs from the backs of pigs or other animals.
bristle v.
털을 곤두세우다:When a pig bristles, it makes the short, stiff hairs on its back stand up.:<사람이> (분노로) 몸이 굳어지다:Arnie is the sensitive type; he ~s when I told him he was stupid, ugly, and not particularly funny.:<머리칼등이> 곤두서다:The lightning bolt was so close it made my hair ~.
브로우 마이드 상투적인말:Mr.Anderson seemed to speak exclusively in ~s. When you hand him his change, he says, "A penny saved is a penny earned." When he asks for help, he says, "Many hands make light work."
브루 하 하 1, 왁자지껄한소리:The ~ arising from the party downstairs kept the children awake for hours.:What's all this ~?
브뤄스크 퉁명스러운:The critic's review of the new play was short and ~; he wrote, "It stinks."
버허 푸운 2, 익살꾼:a joker, especially one who is coarse(상스러운) or acts like an ass:Mary Anne seems to go out only with ~s; her last boyfriend entertained us at Thanksgiving by standing on the table and reciting dirty limericks.
불 월크 방벽:The civilians used bulldozers to create an earthen ~ around their town, but the attacking soldiers used larger bulldozers to destroy it.:The Bill of Rights is the ~ of American liberty.
비 전 틴 1, 비잔틴의; 극도로복잡한:Angela couldn't follow the book's ~ plot, so she read the first and last chapters and tried to guess what happened in the middle parts.:The king's secret agents uncovered a ~ scheme in which his minister of defense had planned to kill him by impregnating his deodorant with poison.
커 발 2, 음모단:The nasty new dictator had been a part of the ~ that for years had plotted the overthrow of the kindly old king.:
캐쉬 은닉처:The taxi driver kept his cash in a cache behind his tape-player. Unfortunately, a robber who had merely intended to steal the tape-player discovered the ~ and also stole the cash.
컬 래 머 티 2, a disaster:Trouble always seemed to follow Martha Jane Canary. That's why she was known as ~ Jane.:During the first few months we lived in our house, we suffered one ~ after another: first the furnace exploded; the the washing machine stopped working; then the roof began to leak.:Misfortune quickly turned into ~ when the burning car set off the hydrogen bomb.
캘 럼 니 1, 중상:The candidate resorted to ~ whenever he couldn't think of anything merely mean to say about his opponent.:To utter ~ies about someone is to calumniate(컬 럼 니 에잍 2)that person:The newspaper editorial writer had already ~ed everyone in town, so he started again from the top of the list.