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Ramification (n.)
consequence; a branching out
Rancor (n.)
bitter, long lasting ill will or resentment
Rapacious (adj.)
greedy pludnering; avaricious
Rebuke (v.)
to criticize sharply
Rebut (v.)
to contradict; to argue in opposition to; to prove to be false
Recalcitrant (adj.)
stubbornly defiant of authority or control; disobedient
Recant (v.)
to publicly take back and deny (something previously said or believed); to openly confess error
Reciprocal (adj.)
mutual, shared; interchangeable
Reclusive (adj.)
hermitlike; withdrawn from society
Recondite (adj.)
hard to understand; over one's head
Recrimination (n.)
a bitter counteraccusation, or the act of manking a bitter counteraccusation
Redolent (adj.)
Redundant (adj.)
unnecessarily repetitive; excessive; excessively wordy
Refute (v.)
to prove to be false; to disprove
Reiterate (v.)
to say again; to repeat
Relegate (v.)
to banish; to send away
Relentless (adj.)
continuous; unstoppable
Relinquish (v.)
to relase or let go of; to surrender; to stop doing
Remonstrate (v.)
to argue against; to protest; to raise objections
REnaissance (n.)
rebirth or revival
Renounce (v.)
to give up formlaly or resign; to disown; to have nothing to do with anymore
Reparation (n.)
paying back; making amends; compensation
Repercussion (v.)
a consequence; an indirect effect
Replenish (v.)
to fill again; to resupply; to restore
Replete (adj.)
completely filled; abounding
Reprehensible (adj.)
worthy of blame or censure
Reprisal (n.)
a military action undertaken in revenge for another; an act of taking "an eye for an eye"
Reproach (v.)
to scold, usually in disappointment; to blame; to disgrace
Reprove (v.)
to criticize mildly
Repudiate (v.)
to reject; to renounce; to disown; to have nthing to do with
Requisite (adj.)
required; necessary;
Resolute (adj.)
determined; firm; unwavering
Respite (n.)
a period of rest or relief
Reticent (adj.)
quiet; restrained; reluctant to speak, especially about oneself
Revere (v.)
to respect highly; to honour
Rhetoric (n.)
the act of formal speaking or writing; inflated discourse
Rigorous (adj.)
strict; harsh; severe
Robust (adj.)
strong and healthy; vigorous
Rogue (n.)
a criminally dishonest person; a scoundrel
Rudimentary (adj.)
basic; crude; unformed or undeveloped
Ruminate (v.)
to contemplate; to ponder; to mull over;
Rustic (adj.)
rural; lacking urban comforts or sophistication; primitive