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vis consili expers mole ruit sua
force without the strength of a plan fails by its own weight
Ne Scire Fas Est Omnia
It is not allowed for us to know everything.
rident solidi verba latina
fools laugh at the Latin language
Terra incognita
Unknown land
et terram rumor transilit et mari
rumors leap over land and sea
modus vivendi
manner of living
Fortuna vitrea est; tum cum splendet frangitur.
Fortune is like glass; just when it's shining, it's broken.
Forti et fideli nihil difficile
Nothing is difficult for the brave and the faithful
animus furandi
intent to steal
nurimentum spiritus
nourishment for your spirit (food for the soul)
nihil enim facilius quam amor recrudescit
nothing grows again more easily than love
honesta quam splendida
honest things rather than splendid things
nulli secundus
second to none
edo ergo sum
I eat, therefor I am
annus mirabilis
marvelous year
fieri facias
you make it happen
aegis fortissima virtus
courage is the strongest shield
exempli gratia
for example (e.g.)
ante victoriam ne canas truimphum
don't sing the triumph before the victory
magna est veritas, et pravalet
great is the truth, and it prevails
quam bene vivas, non quamdiu, refert
how well you live, not how long you live, matters
cui malus est nemo, quis bonus esse potest?
to whom no one is bad, who is able to seem good?
studia ililaritate proveniunt
studies proceed with cheerfulness
in se magna, ruunt
great things rush in upon themselves
nihil simil inventum est perfectum
nothing is invented and perfected at the same time
panem et circenses
bread and circuses
et genus et virtus, nisi cum re, vilior alga est
(not on test)
both virtue and birth, unless they are for their own sake, are more worthless than algae
(not on test)
gutti cavat lapidem non vi, sed saepe cadendo
a drop carves out a rock not by force, but by falling often
non omnia possumus omnes
we are not all able to do everything
stultum est timere quod vitari non potest
it's foolish to fear what you cannot avoid