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Parallel transmission
Parallel transmission allows a number of bits to be sent along separate lines simultaneously. This is used internally when data is sent along the buses. It is faster than serial transmission but can only be used for short distances.
Multiple wires/data lines
Serial Transmission
One bit after another sent along one data line.
Simplex serial transmission
Transmission of data in only one direction.
Data can travel in both directions but only one way at anytime
Data can be transfered in both directions at the same time.
Digital signals being converted to analogue for transmission.
Converting analogue signals to digital
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
A method of transmitting digital signals. This method has a high bandwidth meaning transmission speeds will be increased. Digital transmission is better than analogue as data will not suffer from corruption or degradation.
Multiplexing is a method of combining and sending more than one signal at the same time. This is used to increase transmission methods. Several independent data sources are combined to be sent along a single route to a single destination.
Switching is necessary in a networked computer system as it prevents all data being sent to all parts of a network by making best use of the available data lines. This is more efficient as data is not sent where it is not required and it requires less bandwidth.
Circuit Switching
In circuit switching, switches are set up to create a path between the sender and receiver before transmission, along which data can be sent. The path is kept open until the end of transmission. All data follows the same path in order and the path cannot be used by any other data during the transmission time.
Each switch can cause interference meaning it's not suitable for data transmission.