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What is the default paging file size for Windows NT?
The default paging size equals the amount of Physical RAM plus 11 MB.
Can Windows 95 be UPGRADED to Windows NT?
Can Windows NT be installed on a FAT partition?
Where is the file BOOT.INI located?
The root directory of the system partition.
What are the two manual installation methods avaialbe for installing Windows NT?
CD-ROM and NETWORK installation
True or False:

It is possible to install different versions of Windows NT on the same computer.
What text file is used to create the Windows NT boot loader menu?
From which partition do you boot Windows NT, the Boot Partition or the System Partition?
The System Partition.
What switch can be used with the installation command file to perform a floppyless installation?
/B (example: WINNT /B)
Where does the software for the POST reside?
How many characters can be used for the computer's name on the network?
15 characters.
True or False:

The first partition on the hard drive must be formatted with FAT, VFAT or NTFS or you won't be able to install or run Windows NT on that system.
True or False:

The answers in the UDF file override those in the answer file.
What are the six steps of the Windows NT Boot Phase?
POST (Power on self test)
Initial startup
Boot Loader
Selecting the operating system
Detecting hardware
Selecting a configuration
When are the three floppy disks used when installing NT?
When installing onto a drive that is not presently bootable.
What are the two phases of the Windows NT boot process?
The Boot Phase and the Load Phase.
Can Windows 3.x be UPGRADED to Windows NT?
In Windows NT, what is the name of the Boot Configuration File?
What installation configuration option would normally be used for a laptop?
What is the name of the boot loader for Windows NT?
Can spaces be used in the computers name on the network?
Yes, but it's not recommended.
True or False:

If different versions of Windows NT are installed on the same computer, they must be installed in the same directory.

They must be installed in separate directories.
A Windows NT password can have how many characters?
When is the CLone Control Set copied to the Last Known Good Control Set?
When the user successfully logs on.
What are the four types of installation configuration options for installing NT?
Typical, Portable, Compact and Custom.