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What is enumeration?
The process of searching all connections (buses and devices) on a PC for Plug & Play devices.
Can FAT32 be used on a 350MB hard drive?
No, FAT32 only supports drives from 512MB up to 2TB.
What Microsoft utility provides a profile of the system?
How can you change the workgroup or computer name AFTER Windows 98 has been installed?
Right-click Network Neighborhood, click Properties and click the identification tab.
True or False:

If you have set up your computer for multiple logons, different User.dat files are created for each user.
In a Workgroup model, how is access to shared resources controlled?
Access is controlled on a PER RESOURCE basis.
Where is the System.dat file located on a local machine.
\Windows directory
What are the two primary models for networking offered by Microsoft?
Workgroups and Domains
What command can you type at the DOS prompt to create a registry backup file called "regback.txt"
Regedit /e regback.txt
Under Share-Level security, what do need to provide for each resource that you want to access?
A password.
How many root keys are there in the Windows 98 registry?
True or False:

FAT 32 can be reversed to FAT16.
Assumming that you have started your computer using your ESD diskette and that there is a registry backup file called "regback.txt on your C: drive,What command can you type at the DOS A: prompt to restore the registry from a backup file called "regback.txt"
Regedit /c C:\regback.txt
True or false:

FAT32 can relocate the ROOT directory elsewhere on the hard disk to avoid bad sectors.
When you change settings using the System Policy Editor, what are you actually changing in the system?
You are changing settings in the REGISTRY.
What is the name of the SWAP file in Windows 98?
True or False:

Data from HKEY_DYN_DATA is stored in the System.dat file at shutdown.

HKEY_DYN_DATA is RAM-based Registry data used to support real-time data collection such as performance and network monitoring. It is NOT stored.
True or False:

FAT16 can be converted to FAT32 without erasing the contents of your hard drive.
What are the two master root keys?
True or False:

In a workgroup, computers can act as both clients and servers.
True or False:

Scanregw.exe can restore the Registry from a backup.
What is a standalone workstation?
One that operates without any kind of connection to a network.
The Registry is stored in what two separate files?
System.dat and User.dat
What are the minimum system requirements for Windows 98?
66Mhz 80486DX processor, 16MB of RAM and 200MB of free disk space.
By default, how many copies of the Registry does Windows 98 maintain?
Which of the following operating systems CANNOT read a FAT32 drive?

Windows 3.1
Windows NT 4.0
Windows NT 5.0
Windows 95 OSR2
Windows 98
MS-DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows NT 4.0
How many installation types does Windows 98 offer and what are they?

What is a Domain?
A Domain is a group of networked workstations and servers.
Where do you go to define a Hardware profile?
System applet>Hardware Profiles Tab.
What is one advantage of installing Windows 98 from a network directory?
The Windows Registry remembers the location of the network directory where the installation files reside, those files remain available should you later need to add a device or change your Windows configuration.

Also, no wasted disk space - no searching for the CD.
Which of the following tools can be used to repair a damaged Registry or restore a Registry backup?

True or False:

Windows 98 requires each computer on a network to be assigned a workgroup name and a UNIQUE computer name, regardless of what type of netwroking software is in use.
What is a User Profile?
A User Profile is a collection of files containing preferences and configuration settings specific to a single user.
What special machine is required in a Domain?
A Domain controller.
True or False:

On a multi-boot machine, you must use FAT16 on partitions that Windows NT 4.0 needs to access.
Where is the SWAP file located in Windows 98?
The SWAP file resides in the
C:\Windows directory.
What are two important things that you should have BEFORE upgrading Windows 95 to 98?
A WORKING Emergency Startup Disk and a copy of the REGISTRY.
Why should virus protection be turned off when converting to FAT32?
Because the conversion process modifies the boot sector and the Virus protection may prevent this.
True or False:

As a network Administrator, you can use the Policy.pol file to override settings from the User.dat and System.dat files.
Windows 98 is designed to suit the use of two widely used standards for network interfaces. What are they?
Network Device Interface Specification (NDIS). MicroSoft's standard driver achitecture.

Open Datalink Interface (ODI)
Novell's equivalent of NDIS, used for NetWare clients.
As Windows 98 loads, what happens if the hardware in the computer doesn't match the hardware listed in the Registry?
Windows 98 calls up "Plug and Play" to install the new hardware.
True or False:

FAT32 maintains backups of the hard drive's boot sector.
Where is the System Policy stored in a networked enviroment with a Domain controller?
The System policy is stored on the server and is loaded whenever a user logs onto the network.
What kind of security is used in the Workgroup model?
Share-Level Security.
What program is used to manage System Policies.
The System Policy Editor.
Microsoft recommends that workgroups should seldom exceed how many machines?
For all configurations, what should you make sure of before launching setup?
Make sure that antivirus and other TSR programs are not running.
Can you change the computer or workgroup name AFTER Windows 98 has been installed?
True or False:

You usually need to restart the computer to make Registry changes take effect.
True or False:

If you use only a NetWare server to administer a domain, you can only offer user-level access, because NetWare does not support share-level access.
Which Registry file must be stored locally on a Windows 98 machine?
Is BOB'S COMPUTER a valid computer name in Windows 98?
NO, computer names cannot contain spaces!
From which two environments can you run Windows 98 setup?
MS-DOS and Windows 95.
What type of security is used in the Domain model?
User-Level Security
True or False:

For dual-boot configurations with either Windows 3.1 or Windows NT and Windows 98, applications must be installed twice.
Is BOSTONUNIVERSITY a valid computer name?
No, because there are 16 characters in the name BOSTONUNIVERSITY. Computer names cannot exceed 15 charaters.
True or False:

You must boot into DOS mode to run Scanreg.exe
True or False:

FAT16 maintains backups of the hard drive's boot sector.
True or False:

Dynamic keys are stored in the permanent Regisrty files.
True or False:

Both FAT16 and FAT32 make backups of the file allocation table and can switch to the backup copy on the fly if the original becomes damaged.

Both FAT16 and FAT 32 make backups of the file allocation table, but ONLY FAT32 can switch to the backup copy on the fly if the original becomes damaged.
True or False:

You can't use the Registry Editor to edit the Registry on remote machines.

You CAN use the Registry Editor to edit the Registry on remote machines.
Can a drive that has been compressed using DriveSpace3 be converted to FAT32?
Yes, BUT you must DECOMPRESS the drive before converting to FAT32 because DrveSpace3 does not work with FAT32.
What process does Windows 98 use to detect non plug & play devices?
What utility does Windows 98 run at every start-up to check the Registry?
Where on the C: drive would the user profile for a user account named CAPTBOB be found? (I'm looking for a PATH here)
Do you still want to be an IT professional?
I'd turn back if I were you.