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You have Windows 7 and need to partition the disk to support 25 volumes, some of which will be larger than 2 TB.

Can you implement this configuration using a single hard disk?

Yes, you can format the disk for GPT rather than MBR.

*GPT disk supports up to 128 volumes, each larger than 2 TB. In addition, you can boot 64-bit Windows 7 from a GPT disk.

You have created a volume on a newly installed hard disk by using diskpart.exe. Now, you want to continue using diskpart.exe to perform the following tasks: • Format the volume for NTFS • Assign the next available drive letter. • Assign a volume label of “sales-data” What two commands must you use for these tasks?

-format fs=ntfs label=sales-data


You must reconfigure the scheduled defragmentation task to occur at midnight on Tuesdays instead. List the steps to modify the defragmentation schedule.

Answer: Follow these steps to modify the defragmentation schedule: 1. Right-click the volume in Windows Explorer, click Properties, click the Tools tab, and then click Defragment Now. 2. In the Disk Defragmenter window, click Configure schedule. 3. In the Disk Defragmenter: Modify Schedule window, change Choose day to Tuesday, and change Choose time to 12:00 AM (midnight). Click OK. 4. Click Close on the Disk Defragmenter window, and OK on the Properties window.

experiencing occasional problems with the shortcut keys on your keyboard. Describe the first action you might take to the resolve the issue and list the steps to perform the action.

4 steps

Update the device driver for the keyboard. To manually update the driver used for the keyboard, follow these steps in Device Manager: 2. Double-click the Keyboard category of devices. 3. Right-click the device and then click Update Driver Software.

4. Follow the instructions in the Update Driver Software wizard.

Instead of assigning a drive letter, what else can you do?

Students can mount the volume into an empty folder on an existing NTFS volume. The advantage of this is that it enables you to circumvent the 26 driver letter limitation imposed by the alphabet.

local disk quotas to manage disk consumption. Although this is a useful local management tool, in an enterprise network based on Windows Server® 2008, what other disk space management tools can you use?

The File Server Resource Manager File Services role enables you to manage disk quotas, and in addition provides quota templates, file screens, and storage reporting facilities.

you used driver roll back to reverse a driver update you made. If your computer will not start properly, how can you address a driver-related problem?

You can start the computer in Safe Mode and then access Device Manager to use the driver roll back feature. Alternatively, if that is unsuccessful, you might use Windows RE to attempt to resolve the problem.

What tool can she use to determine if she has a valid IP address?

Run IPConfig /All or Ping your domain controller’s IP Address

What tool can she use to determine the network path and latency of the network?

Use Windows Diagnostics to identify the problem or use Pathping.exe to check for latency

She knows that she has a valid IP address but wants to troubleshoot the DNS access of her computer. What tool must she use?

Use NSLookup.exe to troubleshoot DNS access issues

What is the IPv6 equivalent of an IPv4 APIPA address?

IPv6 link-local addresses

You are troubleshooting a network-related problem and you suspect a name resolution issue. Before conducting tests, you want to purge the DNS resolver cache. How do you do that?

Use IPCongfig /flushdns to clear the DNS Resolver Cache

You are troubleshooting a network-related problem. The IP address of the host you are troubleshooting is What is a possible cause of the problem?

he DHCP server is unavailable to the host

What advanced wireless settings do you consider that improve security?

A list of MAC addresses allowed connecting to the WAP.

Can a user connect a computer to an unlisted network if he or she does not know the SSID?

Yes, the user can scan for networks and some tools provide information about unlisted networks. Hiding or not broadcasting the SSID only provides basic protection.

What are possible issues that arise when you connect to unsecured networks?

Your information can be viewed by other parties on the network.

What devices can interfere with a wireless network signal?

S-Band (SIM) ranges from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. This frequency range is also used by devices such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless video cameras, and Bluetooth adapters, which may cause interference to the wireless network signal

C-Band (SIM) ranges ranges from 5.725 to 5.875 GHz. Therefore, fewer devices will cause interference with a wireless network using this standard.

Windows 7 cannot connect to a SharePoint site, what would use to identify problem?

Use Windows Diagnostics to identify the problem

Windows 7 Host cannot access the database server?

Use IPconfig tool to view, renew, or release an IP Address

Windows 7 Host cannot connect to the internet?

Use Ping to test connectivity to the DNS Server.

DNS server is not resolving FQDNS correctly. What should you do?

Use the flushdns option with IPConfig

What is FQDNS?

A fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is the complete domain name for a specific computer, or host, on the Internet.

FQDNS consist of how many parts and what are they?

two parts: the hostname and the domain name.

-For example, an FQDN for a hypothetical mail server might be The hostname is mymail, and the host is located within the domain

You are implementing wireless networking in your organization. Which wireless network technology standards and which type of security (authentication and encryption) will you choose?

-choose the latest standard,

-Always choose the highest level of security available.

There are two main considerations that you need to take into account when choosing a wireless network technology standard

Speed and cost

Your organization already has a wireless network in place. Your users are complaining that the performance of the wireless network is not as good as the wired network. What can you do to increase the performance of the wireless network?


proximity, obstruction, and interference. Based on these areas, you can implement one or more solutions, such as adding wireless APs or removing obstruction and interference. To the “Improving the Wireless Signal Strength”

Windows 7 needs to be deployed to a variety of clients in a heterogeneous computer environment. How do you handle the creation of multiple images for deployment to each kind of client?

only two images are needed: one for 32-bit architecture clients and one for 64-bit architecture clients.

You are tasked with deploying Windows 7 to clients in several countries. Is it necessary to create a different install image for each language?

Languages are installed by using external language packs, and applications are downloaded by using Configuration Manager 2007

How does drive provisioning assist the WDS project?

Driver provisioning enables you to add and configure driver packages on the server and then deploy them to client computers during installations based on their hardware.

What type of an image must be used to capture the operating system of a client as a .wim file?

A type of boot image called a Capture Image

What is a boot image?

A boot image is a Windows PE image used to boot the PXE client.

What is a Capture image?

A capture boot image also launches the client, but will then start the Windows Deployment Services Image Capture Wizard

What is a install image?

is the image that will be deployed and installed on the client workstation.

How can you minimize the need to approve client computers that are being installed over the network?

Prestage the client computers by adding them to Active Directory Domain Services before the PXE deployment.

Requirements for implementing LTI, which includes what 3 things?

-managed network

-file server

-all the software requirements for MDT 2010

before deployment shares and migration data you should ensure you have sufficient what?

sufficient storage space

Use WDS to deploy to network computers and deployment media for computers with, what type of connectivity

slow or no network connectivity.

For highly scalable LTI environments, implement replication using what?

MDT Database, SQL Server, and Distributed File System (DFS) technologies.

What additional components do need to be installed to support Multi-Cast deployments?

Windows Server 2008, Windows Deployment Services was enhanced to support the deployment of images using multicast transmissions.

Can a deployment share be created on a remote server?

The deployment share is configured in the MDT with the UNC path to the share. With appropriate rights, the deployment share can be created on a remote server and the local system.

Standard Client Task Sequence ?

The default task sequence for deploying operating systems images to client computers.

Standard Client Replace Task Sequence ?

Used to performs a system back up, the user state and wipe the disk.

Custom Task Sequence?

Used to create customized Task Sequences that do not install an operating system.

Standard Server Task Sequence?

The default task sequence for deploying operating systems images to server computers.

Lite-Touch OEM Task Sequence

Used by OEM to deploy Operating Systems in a staging environment.

What's the difference between the LTI Bootable Media and the WinPE environment that is created from the WAIK?

The MDT-created WinPE boot media automatically includes all the optional components necessary for imaging. With the WAIK, the administrator is responsible for installing the correct components.

What types of applications can be installed with the MDT?

Any application that supports a silent install.

With the least administrative effort, you need to make sure that Internet Explorer is the default browser. What 2 things can you do?

-In Internet Options on the Programs tab, click the Make default button.

-In Internet Options on the Advanced tab, click Reset... button.

You use an internal Web site that uses Integrated Windows Authentication. You need to ensure that you are automatically authenticated when you connect to the Web site. What should you do?

Add the internal Web site to the Local intranet zone.

User have an in-house application that is hosted on intranet web server. When user clicks a specific application. they receive popup block.

You need to configure the security settings so that users can see the pop-up without compromising overall security.

What do you do?

Add the URL of the Web site to the Local Intranet zone.

You need to ensure that you can access Web pages on both the Internet and intranet.

What should you do?

From the Tools menu, click Work Offline.

You need to restore the default Internet Explorer settings with the least amount of effort.

What do you do?

In Internet Options on the Advanced tab, click the Restore advanced settings buttons.

You use HTTPS to browse the Web site and receive the warning message as seen in the image. You need to prevent the warning message from appearing when you access the Web site

What should you do?

Import the Web site's certificate into the Trusted Root CA list.

*Standalone CAs are often used inside an organization and self-sign their certificates.