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In what town and country was Shakespeare born?
Straford upon-Avon, England
In what year was Shakespeare born?
In what year did Shakespeare Dieq
What did Shakespeare's father do for a living?
He was an elected town official, a glover, a merchant in dry goods (basically a very middle class family).
How many children did Shakespeare's parents have, and which child was William?
8 children and William was the 3rd oldest and the oldest son.
Who was William Shakespeare's wife?
Anne Hathaway
How many children did William and his wife have and what were their names?
3, Susanna and twins, Hamnet and Judith
Where is Shakespeare's located?
The Holy Trinity church in Stratford
What is the epitaph on his tomb?
Good friend, for Jesus' Sake
Forbear to dig the dust enclosed here
Blest be the man that spares these stones
And cursed be he who moves my bones. (know he wrote it and he was modest, didnt talk about his accomplishments.
To what estate did Shakespeare retire in his hometown?
New Place
Who was the ruling queen during much of Shakespeare's life? When did she rule (how long and what years)? Who was the king who ruled after her.
Queen Elizabeth I 1558-1603 (45 years)King James I of England
For what important book's translation is King James responsible for?
The Bible...from Latin to English.
What was the name of Shakespeare's theater?
The Globe
What was the name of the first public playhouse built in England?
The Theatre
Who was responsible for the construction of the first public playhouse built in England?
James Burbage
What are the names of three other Elizabethan theaters?
The Curtain, The Rose, The Fortune, The Swan, The Hope
What nickname was given to the Elizabethan theaters? Why?
The Wood O, because the stage was in the center with the audience around it.
What was the "tiring house"?
The dressing room.
For what were the trap doors used?
Funeral scenes, quick entrances/exits (spirits usually), props can be moved/lowered.
At what time of the day were playes performed? Why?
2-3 in the afternoon because the light was best (the most sunglight)
Why was the theater an important force in Elizabethan England?
A means of education, forms of entertainment, political speaking point
What is the "pit"?
Place where poorer people would stand + was lower than stage
What name was given to the members of the audience who stood in the pit?
Where did other audinces (not in the pit) sit?
On benches in galleries
What kinds of costumes did Elizabethan actors wear?
Elaborate, expensive, colorful, showy
What kind of scenery was used in the Elizabethan theater?
Little to none, very plain
What do we consider unusual about female roles in the Elizabethan theater?
They were played by men
How was Shakespeare's theater destroyed?
Burned, a canon mis-fired during a performance of King Henry in 1613?
Why was the Lord Mayor of London opposed to the theater?
Sinful, breeding grounds for disease, and he got made fun of at speeches
What three types of plays did Shakespeare write?
Comedies, Tradgedies (Romeo + Juliet), Histories
How many plays did Shakespeare write?
What is the First Folio?
The earliest collection of Shakespeares work.
What other types of writing did Shakespeare produce?
Sonnets, Narrative poems
How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
What is the rhyme scheme of all Shakesperian sonnets?
ABAB CDCD EFEF GG (prolouge of Romeo + Juliet=example)
On average, how many syllables are in each line of Shakespeare's sonnets?
10 (in iambic pentameter)
What are the names of two acting companies to which Shakespeare belonged?
Lord Chamberland's men and The King's Men
When was Romeo and Juliet written?
approx. 1597