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Which of the following accounts is part of the operating overall section of your P&L?
a. food cost
b. security
c. payroll taxes
d. close support
a. food cost
Why should you focus on food cost, payroll, and operating costs in the P&L?
They absorb 55 cents of every dollar
What is PBB?
What's left from your sales after all of the costs and expenses are subtracted and food rebate and vending commissions are added back in.
Which of the following fall under Casualty Losses in the middle of the P&L?
While you should "order what you need" when ordering operating supplies, what is the general target for your operating costs per week?
2.6% of projected sales
Which of the following is an example of overlap?
a. When a 1st shift associate clocks out at 2:12pm while her 2nd shift replacement clocks in at 2:01pm
b. a failure to rotate one waffle baker per week
c. when operating supplies are kept in both the commissary and the back room at the same time
d. when more than one new Associate is training in the same unit at the same time.
a. When a 1st shift associate clocks out at 2:12pm while her 2nd shift replacement clocks in at 2:01pm
Which section of the P&L consists of numerous variable and fixed costs involved in operating the restaurant, such as the electric bill and rent?
The Middle of the P&L
What should you do when paying a cooking bonus?
Pay the approved shift % of net sales
Your PCT bonus is what % of PBB?
Which of the following can be found on the P&L?
a. net sales
b. gross sales including sales tax
c. HRS salary
d. Disability premium cost
a. Net Sales
What are the projected sales performance figures based on for same unit sales from last year and the weekly sales trend per shift?
12 weeks
What is the disciplinary action according to the Associate Conduct Policy if you leave your job during your shift without prior authorization from your supervisor?
Automatic Termination
What should you review in UIS payroll each day prior to closing the Form-4?
Pay rates of each Associate
Which of the following jobs counts toward People Quota?
A. Manager Trainee
b. Door Corps
c. Expeditor
d. Unit Manger
D. Unit Manager
When doing an overtime review what tool should you use?
Payroll Post Mortem
What is the grace period allowed in order to be Quality Staffed for each full-time slot on your schedule and for each part-time slot?
1 hour, 1/2 hour
Where are the exact payroll dollars that will hit your P&L shown?
Payroll Post List
What is the #1 cause for a unit to have high overtime?
Low People Quota
What should you do if an Associate asks you to change their schedule?
Require them to find their replacement
What is the requirement for hours worked under Scientific Staffing for a shift to be considered quality staffed?
Actual hours worked
What should you do if you suspect that all cash is not making it into the cash register?
Check the back of ticket books for recurring marks such as slashes.
What is the food used during the 24 hours between 2:00pm yesterday and 2:00pm today equal?
Which is a suggested day for the Unit Manager to complete a commissary inventory?
When making up the weekly food order
What ist he cost to you out of your PCT bonus if your Lost Sales for the period are $2,685.90?
10% so---$268.59
According to the 7 point food cost plan, where do you post the "drawer pull log"?
Action Center
If our FC target is 29.8% and your actual Day 28 Food Cost is 31.6%, what is the amount of lost sales per day for the period if your period sales were $38,200?
31.6%-29.8% = 1.8%
1.8/100= 0.018
38,200 x 0.018 = 687.60
$687.60\28 = $24.56
$24.56 x 3 = $73.67
Which of the following should be completed after the Manager's Walk Through every morning?
a. dish inventory
b. PRC
c. crisp shift change card
d. UM days off baton
Who needs to sign the UM Days off Baton?
Unit Manager, Relief Manager, and Division Manager
When should the PRC be completed?
1st shift every day, 3rd shift on weekends, holidays and special events
Which of the following is one of the 11 critical systems for Unit managers?
a. flow system
b. thursday meeting
c. 7 Point Food Cost Plan
d. UM Days Off Baton
D. UM Days Off Baton
The C&T protocol includes what?
Shift Coach delivers message each day on their shift.
What is a part of an Expeditor's Role?
Ensuring quality food is delivered.
When should EOS responsibilities be done?
Throughout the shift
When should the sanitation inspection be completed?
Every week with the District Manager
Which shift must use the Pull/Drop/Mark Production System?
1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift--all shifts should use this system
What is one of the most important things that you can do during the Manager's Walk Through?
Praise the efforts of your associates!
Which of the following affects sales in a positive way?
a. sanitation
b. understaffing
c. lack of service and production skills
d. ordering the correct operating supplies
a. Sanitation
When should the blinds be closed in the restaurant?
If we're busy during the day so customers won't think we're too crowded.
Which of these is a low food cost item suitable for a sales contest?
a. t-bone
b. pork chops
c. chicken
d. omelet
D. Omelet
What position will help turn the most tables during peak volume?
What is the simple rule regarding how much the total dollar amount of the unit's inventory (immediately after receiving a food order) should not exceed the DA?
3 times the DA
How often are menu tests required by waffle house?
Once a week.
To locate a sales problem, which of the following would you do?
a. ask customers and listen
b. show up on shifts in an increase
c. don't show up unannounced on different shifts
d. find ways to trick associates into stealing
a. ask customers and listen
What is the key to building sustained relationships with the First 5 in all 4?
Visiting each of them at least once a period.
Which tool can you use to ensure that you're ready for business?
Production Ready Checklist (PRC)
What is one way to build sales in the Unit?
Increase the guest check average through suggestive selling.
"We can only help you succeed if you let us know you're in trouble" is an example of which element of our culture?
We believe in people first
What is a part of the selection process for Waffle House, Inc.?
The Yellow Card System
What is one of the MAIN reasons Unit managers are terminated?
Stealing money
What does being "Employee Owned" mean we have access to?
Waffle House Stock
"The Chief Operating Officer of this company will always be a Waffle House operator" is an example of which element of our culture?
Home Grown
What is an element of the Waffle House Culture?
What typeof profile does our senior leadership keep?
a low profile outside the restaurants
what does the Waffle House culture pay for
What is Rule #1?
Show UP
What suggests that we are "America's Place to Work?"
We hire the most qualified candidate who can perform the essential functions of the job.
What is a way to stay focused on 3rd shift during lulls in business?
Prep Food, Clean, or catch up on C&T
What is a fundamental of good service?
Suggestive selling
What is an example of service recovery?
"I'm sorry, I misunderstood"
What is a benefit of teamwork?
Teams accomplish more with less waste
What are the three steps of Conflict resolution?
Acknowledge, Discuss, and Agree
What is true of Customer Service?
Most customer complaints can be traced back to perceived disrespect.
What should you do when serving a group?
Look for non-verbal cues
What is a technique to diffuse customer hostility?
Show you care
What should you do when faced with intoxicated customers?
Never use abusive language
What is a Waffle House approved strategy to relieve stress?
Pay attention to what is happening mentally and physically throughout the shift so that you can recognize your different moods.
For a foodborne illness to be considered an "outbreak" how many people must experience the same illness after eating the same food?
What is the temperature range that foodborne microorganisms grow well?
41 degrees F and 135 degrees F
What is not a common food allergen?
Foodhandlers should be restricted from working with or around food if they are experiencing what symptoms?
Sore Throat with Fever
What practice can help prevent time-temperature abuse?
Reheating Bert's Chili to 165 degrees F for 15 seconds
What would be a good reason for rejecting a shipment of eggs?
They have a sulfur smell
What does the FIFO method ensure during storage?
Prepared items are used before they expire
What is the correct internal cooking temperature for injected pork chops?
155 degrees F
What should you do to hold cold food safely?
Store it at 41 degrees F or lower
How often should food-contact surfaces be cleaned and sanitized when they are in constant use?
4 hour intervals
What should you do if you have low rinse temperature (below 180 degrees F) in the dish machine?
Use the three-componenet sink until maintenance tech can fix the problem
What may be the problem if the blender will not operate?
Excessive brush wear
What may be the problem if the bread is coming out of the toaster too light?
Dirty crumb tray
What is the potential problem if the coffee is overflowing from the pot?
Defective regulator
What may be the problem if the grill will not stay lit?
Bad Thermo Couple
What should you do to regulate the temperature in the restaurant?
Adjust the thermostat
What does it mean if the air pressure is excessively negative in the unit?
The fresh air system needs to be adjusted
When you have frozen evaporator coils, what may need to be replaced?
poor gaskets
Where is the reset button for the coffee grinder found?
The back of the grinder
Who does the Maintenance Tech report to?
Division Manager
What should you do if a customer comes to you with a complaint?
Respond by saying you know how they feel and you'll look into the matter
What is the proper procedure if an Associate lays out of work without warning?
Ask for a specific day/time when they feel they will return to work.
What should you do if a customer walks out without paying?
Write down the license tag of the car to give to the police.
What can you do to get Associates to be in proper Uniform?
Set the example
What should you do if there is damage to a customer's car?
Assess the situation and get the facts.
How can you prevent Associates from hanging out in the restaurant when they are off?
Be the leader and make the rule apply to everyone, including you.
What action should you take if an associate is hurt on the job?
Treat any injury with first aid if possible.
When can you ask job applicants about workers compensation injuries they may have had in the past?
Under what circumstances would the company probably not be liable if a sexual harassment incident occurs in the restaurant?
If Management had no knowledge of the incident
What action should you take if an Associate you suspect of being on drugs refuses to be drug tested?
What is today's C&T topic?