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Explain what is studied in the field of biology.

Science that investigates all life from cells to ecosystems.

Explain the seven requirements for life.(Mrs.Gren)

Movement, reproduction, sensitivity, growth, respiration, excretion, and nutrition.

What does taxonomy classify?

The field that classifies organisms into groups based on relationship.

Explain the benefit of micro logy.

Using microscopes to study single cells or other microscopic organisms.

Physiology focuses on what part of the body?

Study of how an organism functions e.g. walking, talking, breathing, digesting, standing, etc.

What is the function of ecology?

Studies how communities and animals act together.

Explain movement.

Ability to move to adapt to surroundings.

Explain reproduction.

The ability to make offspring either sexually or asexually.

What is the benefit of sensing change?

The ability to change surroundings(e.g. humans sweat to cool down)

Explain growth.

The ability to grow and develop(e.g. baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult, senior)

Why is respiration necessary for survival?

Ability to use oxygen to create energy.

Explain excretion.

The ability to remove wastes from the body.