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Value Proposition

A 30 second "elevator speech" stating the specific value a product or service provides to a target market.

Strategic Planning

A process that helps and organization allocate is resources to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace.

Corporate Level plans

top executives develop strategic plans for the corporation as a whole

Strategic Business unit (SBU)

a business or product line within a organization that has its own competitors, customers, and profit center for accoutning purposes

Business level plans

mission statement that will generally develop strategic plans for themselves

first-mover strategy "market pioneers"

Definition,a company that has introduced a product or service,before other competitors have.

an innovative strategy that has some decided benefits, primarily developing long-term relationships that can lead to being a market winner

second-mover strategyhttp://support.skillsoft.com/customer/SPJava/firefox.htm

a follower is an organization that observes the innovators, creates their own improved versions of the innovation, and introduces it later than the innovator. Learns from mistakes, revising rather thank creating,surprise, stealing market share rather than creating market

Situation Analysis

An assessment of an organizations internal and external factors

SWOT Analysis

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats : a tool that frames the situational analysis

Internal factors

strengths and weaknesses are specific to a company or individual

External factors

opportunities and threats affect multiple individuals and organizations