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Who is the famous Virginia pioneer and trailblazer, nicknamed the pathfinder? He led settlers through the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky.
Daniel Boone
What is a person called, who leads the way to another place?
In 1783, this land was received from Great Britan, at the end of the Revolutionary War?
United States
In 1819, the US received what land from Spain for $5 million?
Spanish Session or Florida
Name a town an East Centreal Kentucky [site of fort founded 1775 by Daniel Boone]
From 1804 to 1805, who explored the Northwest to provide info and inform Native Americans of the new political leadership?
Lewis and Clark
What is the name of the early road across the Appalachains, between western Virginia and eastern Kentucky?
Wilderness Road
He was a Frontier trader who blazed trails with Daniel Boone, over the Cumberland Gap, to Kentucky?
John Findley
In 1803, Thomas Jefferson purchased what land from France, for $15 million?
Louisiana Purchase
What is the name of the natural pass through the Cumberland Moutains?
Cumberland Gap