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Jefferson bought land from France which doubled the size of the united states

In the Lewis and Clark expedition ,Meriwether Lewis and William Clark explored the____________ and the Oregon territory from the mississippi river to the pacific ocean

Louisiana purchase

Spain gave _________ to the united states through a treaty


________ was added to the united states after it became a Independent republic


The _________ was divide by the united states and great britan

Oregon territory

War with mexico resulted in _________ and the south west territory becoming part of the united states


men and women who worked to end slavery


the freeing from bondage


the right to vote in an election


a series of safe houses and hiding places for runaways that led north as far as canada

underground railroad

What basic rights were women deprived of?

Denied the right to vote,denied educational opportunists especially in higher education,limited the right to own property,denied equal opportunity in business

Why did abolitionist believe slavery was wrong?

mortality wrong

cruel and inhuman

violation of the principals of democracy

Harriet Tubman