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This civilization didnt speak Greek at all but they contributed alot to the Greek civilization?
What where the 2 forms of writing that the Minoans had?
Linear A and Linear B
Why did the Minoans write?
Record Keeping
What was there religon and what did they think about women?
They were polythestic, belived women played a very important role in the civilization
What was the backbone for the Minoans civilization?
Farming and Agriculture, they did engage in trade, they also made good weapons
What was the capital of the Minoans civilization?
What did they use the capital for?
This was the epicenter, huge place that was used to house kings and families, used to store things
What was the down fall of this civilization?
They dunno what happened to it
What are some of the theories that the Minoan civilization fell?
1. Volcanic eruption 2.Earthquake followed by a tidal wave 3. Destroyed by another powerful group
What civilization was located on the pelopanesian?
True or False: Did the Mycennians engage in alot of warfare, had a very powerful civilizaton, and had good weaponry?
Did the Trojan War actually occur?
If it did it was not over Hellen,it was about the economy they started having alot of problems
Why did their civilization fall?
It just collapsed
What is the theory that the civilization did fall?
1.Empha structure fell 2. Significant fire crippled them 3.Another group caused there downfall
Who occupied the the area that the Mycceneans had occupied?
What civilization new how to make iron well, they also ushered in the period of the Dark Age?
What age was it where there are no written records and there was a decrease in population and food?
Dark Ages
This man ended the Dark Age, he wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey, he was a blind wandering poet?
What is the Illiad?
It is the book that Homer wrote this tells the story of the Trojan War, the hero of the Illiad is Achillies
What is the Odyssey?
The hero in this book is Odysseus, he was one of the key fighters in the Trojan War
Some of the Greek characteristics?
1.Greek practiced unlimited form of government 2. Had social classes 3. They also had a code of value
What was the Greek Code of Value based on?
A.courage B.defending honor C. physical abilities D. belive in protecting friends, family, and property
During the Archaic Age what where the two main developments?
1. evolution of the Greek city state 2. colonization
What is Polis?
City State
What do most city states have in common?
1. accropolis 2. lower level 3.most of them start out as a monarchy
What is a Phlanx?
this was a new style of military
What is a Hoplite-Phlanx?
Hoplite- this means men, Phlanx- this means where they went into battle they moved as one
Why did civilizations start to colonize?
1.Land 2. Population 3. Discontent 4. Trading purposes
What is the Magna Gracia?
This when the Greeks went to lower Italy
What is a Tyirant?
A tirant is a ruler that came from a aristocratic family, most people didnt belive a tyirant was a bad thing back then
What is a coup?
This is a over throwing of the government
Why did tyrrany come to an end?
It came to an end because the tyyrants didnt have to fight there way to the top it was handed to them
What was the time period called when tirants ruled?
This time period was called the Tirinical Period
What region did the Spartans live in?
Laconia Region
Did Sparta colonize?
No, the just made a huge city state and moved west and conquered the Messenians
What was the Messinians called that the Spartans inslaved?
They were called Helots
True or False: At one point where the Spartans the number one Greek civilization
1st part of Spartas government and it significance?
King (2)-one king be in state,one could travel with the military
What is the second part of the Spartans government and it signifigance?
Council of Elders-had to 60 yrs of age, they where elected they had to serve for life,approved major decisions,act as a judicial body as a criminal case
3rd part of the Spartans governmment and its signifigance?
Council of Ephors- they where elected annually, they where the sterring committee, make calls on things that needed attention.
4th part of the Spartans government and its signifigance?
Assembly-thirty years of age or older made up of Spartans male soldiers they elected the members for groups two and three
What controlled every aspect of the citizens life from birth to death?
Military or Police State
True or False: If the babies where weak or didnt look like they where going to be good warriors where they done away with?
At what age was the young boys taken away from there family?
When they where taking away what was it for?
They where put in Barrick style housing, they where put through deadly trainning ( they wanted them to be tough warriors) they where made steal therefore they could survive if they where captured
What age where they ready for military employement and when where they ready to mate?
Age 20
When could they return home? Did they still have to be apart of the military, yes or no? Where did they eat at?
Age 30, Yes, Barricks
When could they finally leave the military? Why then?
Age 60 you could leave the military, they where considered wise then.
Describe the women in the Spartan civilization?
The had some freedom and they had some power. The number one goal was to keep them phisically fit therefore they could have strong babies
What was the Pelopanesian League?
this was an alliance of the city states in pelopanesia
What was the Pelopanesians League purposes?
1. defense 2. economic gain
What was the number one land army of greece?
What city state was located on Attica?
Who was the ruling council of the athenians?
Why where they about to have a civil war?
1. tension about land 2. Economic hardship w/ the commoners 3. there was no written law at that point
When they decided to put the law in writting who did it?
Who was chosen to be king after the Dracco code of law was written?
Solon because he was very liberal man he says these code of laws are wrong because no commoner has the fair chance
What are some of the reforms that Solon made?
1. delt with the economy 2. put in uniform system of weights and measures 3. Encourage more export apriculture growth, attracted artisians
What was phase one about in the persian war?
1. Ionians revolted against Persian rule 2. Athenians helped the Ionians, but sparta did not 3. Greeks lost- Persia won
What was phase two about in the Persian war?
Darius 1
WHo fought against the Greeks in phase 3?
Xerxes- this was Darrius son
What three battles went on during Phase 3?
1. Battle of thermopylae
2. Battle of Salamis
3. Battle of Plataea
What was the characteristics of the war of the battle of Thermopylae?
the greeks lost this battle, the spartans sacrificed themselves to hold the persians off while other greeks set up better defense systems
What was the major battle of the Pelopanesian war?
Battle of Marathon
what was some characteristics of the battle of salamis?
This was a naval battle,greeks win sank many Persian ships
Battle of Plataea?
Sparta won this battle,this battle closes the persian war, greeks won the war
What happened in the Battle of Marathon?
Determine if the Democracy survived, Hippias helped the persiand bring down the athenians, the greeks beat the Persians
What was the Delian League?
They where made up of maritime, they had two purposes 1.defense 2. economic game
What was the delian leagues true force?
What rule didd the Athenians force about this league?
Once you got in you could not get out
What two counntries tried to get out and what happened to them?
Thaos and Nassos, athenians destroied them and took away there liberty
What did the Athenians do with all the money the league was getting
They took all the money from the league and funnelled it into there city state
What political troubles did the athenians have
the liberal group was kknocking heads with the conservative group
Who is cimon
he was a political ldr that was accused of receiving bribes from Sparta
who is perriclies
he is known as the best athenian ldr he was the one who prosecuted cimon so he could be king
what was perriclies goals?
1 make athenians democracy stronger 2 keep athenian empire intact and get it stronger 3 wanted to glorify athens
What was the cause of the Peopanesian war
because Margera and Corinth they where bullied by athens therefore they turned to sparta, sparta told the athenians to back down but athenians didnt because they didnt want to look weak
What happened when sparta attacked starting the pelopanesian war
perriclies took everyone behind the city wall then, sparta told them that they where going to burn them out
What % of the Athenian people died and how did they die?
33% because a plague broke out
Cloen vs Niccias
cleons wanted to fight in combat with them but niccias told them to stay behind the wall cleon takes them out of the city state to fight
this is the great battle that clions die in and bissidas dies as well
what was the peace of Niccias
suppose to be 50 yrs truth of both sides each other would keep a check on the other
Who is Alcibiadies
nephew of perriclies that broke the truth after 6 years
there was no writing left behind from him
Socratic Method
no direct answer belives every man finds his own truth
who is plato
plato is a famous philosopher this was socraties favorite student unlike socrtes he left behind alot of writing
He had an idea of the Republic what was it
he thought that it should be divided up into three groups 1 philosophers 2 warriors 3 producers
Who is aristiotle
this is platos famoous student, one of the greatest scientist he belived in logic and rational thinking
what was aristotles school called
Who was phillip the 2
ldr of the macedonians after alexander the great died he became king at 23
Who tudored alexander the great
what did demosthenes
this was phillips opponent use to give series of speeches about him trying to take over this started the battle of chaeronea
who won the battle of chaeronea
Phillip won because of his son alexander
what was the corinthian league
all the greeks city states came together they had there own set up all they had to do was say that phillip was there ruler
who took over persia?
wlexander the great went on the quest to conquer persia, he did what he was set out to do he conquered it all he defeated the persians
why did his troops turn back
they started to practice mutany so they headed back there is where alexander the great died on the way back home
what happened to all the land that alexander took over
it was divided into 3 parts 1 ptolemy-gained the area that use to be egypt 2 selecus gained the old persian empire 3 antigonus gained the greek mainland area, and a little of asia minor
what are helenist
person who speeks greek language do all the greek things but there not actually greek
Corinthian War
when sparta took over as 1 persia fought against persia 1 helped destroy group 2 didnt give land to persia/ sparta then came down in power
this is the father of history, record off myths and legends recorded history fampus piece of history of persian of history
his accounts where more detailed about the pelopanesian war
In greek culture what did the greeks give us?
they gave us drama they use to entertain but to educate people of city state
who put greek plays in there form
first greek tragedy writer
who wrote over 100 plays his most famous one is Oedipus Rex
who wrote the famous piece madia