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What did people shift to after 'hunting and gathering"?

Farming and Herding

What are some signs of civilization?

Established institutions, technologies, and momuments

What was the West's first civilization, when did it come to be and where was it?

Sumer, 5000 years ago, Southern Iraq

What did the ancient Sumerians invent?


What is considered humanity's most radical act?

The construction of a civilization

Who was a quasi-leader of Urak and what was written about him?

Gilgamesh. The Epic of Gilgamesh

What did people admire about Gilgamesh?

Strength, wisdom and beauty

When does history begin?

The invention of writing

What is prehistory?

Time prior to writing

What came prior to writing?

Oral traditions

Which is longer, history or prehistory?


What does Homo Sapien mean?

Thinking man

Why is the Stone Age called this?

Chief use of stone tools seen in surviving artifacts

What does Paleolithic mean

Old stone

Is tool use exclusive to humans?

No, some animals and birds use tools

How were hunting and gathering often divided between the genders?

Men predominately hunting and females gathered

What happened to Neandrerthals?

It is unknown

What do scholars think is most remarkable advancement?


What does Neolithic mean?

New stone

What is pressure chipping?

Nicking flakes from pieces of flint, quartz, or obsidian

Who is Otzi?

The Iceman. Found in the Alps.

When did herding and farming begin?

Neolithic period

What is the oldest known continuously inhabited city?


What are some of the earliest agricultural sites?

Syria, Palestine, Anatolia, and Catalhoyuk

Were fired vessels used by Paleolithic or Neolithic man?


When was copper used as a tool?

5500 BCE

What is bronze?

Alloy of copper and tin with arsenic

What area had the greatest abundance of native species of plants and animals?


Where are the alluvial plains located?


Semetic language family is related to which two languages?

Hebrew and Arabic

What is the Ubaid period?

Opening stages of development of Sumerian civilization

Who is Enki?

Sumerian god who began creation of their world

What is Eridu?

Town South of Ur where kingship began. Where Erich started the creation of earth