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Define a Transverse Wave

A Transverse wave, is a

Define a Longitudinal Wave.

A Longitudinal wave, is

What is A Progressive wave

A Progressive wave is one in which.

What is a Stationary or Standing Wave.

A Stationary or Standing wave is

Define the Period of an Oscillation.

The Period of an Oscillation is defined as the time.

Define Wavelength of an Longitudinal wave

The wavelength of a Longitudinal waves is the distance between two successive compressions or two successive rarefactions.

Define the wavelength of a Transverse Waves.

The wavelength of a Transverse wave, is the distance between two successive crests or two successive troughs.

Define the Wavelength of a Wave

The wavelength of a wave or oscillation is defined as the

What is meant by the term "in Phase"

A Particle in a medium is describe as being in phase if it

What is meant by the term "out of Phase"

A Particle is described as being out of phase because