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what is velocity?

the rate at which fluid flows

what is pressure?

the force that is exerted on the walls of the pipe

what is the minimum working pressure for a fixture?

manufactures specifications

what is the maximum working pressure at a fixture?

550 kpa

what is the minimum water supply line for a W.C.


what is the term used for piping inside the building?

water distribution

what is the minimum size of a water meter?


what does a water meter do?

measures the volume of water passing through

what is the most common type of meter?

positive displacement

what is a turbine meter?

used as a monitering device for large volumes of water

how far must a water meter be from any entrance or wall?


what is the space required between adaptors on a 5/8 water meter?


how many valves are required on a bypass?


what type of valves are required on a bypass?

port gate valves or ball valves

what is installed on domestic waterlines to prevent condensation?


a water distribution system must be capable of meeting what kind of demands?


what can be installed if a hot water line is longer than 30m ?

-recirculating line

-self regulating heat trace

what is the temperature of water at a drinking fountain?

10° C

what is the recommended length of flush for a urinal?

3-5 seconds

why is there two valves on a HWT cold supply?

- to isolate the hot water supply to repair faucets and replace washers

- to turn off the water to the tank should it be necessary to drain

why must the cold water enter at the bottom of the tank?

to ensure it doesn't mix with hot water at the top of the tank

what is the purpose of the sacrificial anode?

reduces corrosion due to electrolysis

why is a temperature and pressure relief valve installed on a tank?

-to prevent steam flash

-to make sure tank doesn't explode

on what supply ( hot/cold ) must a shut off be installed?


where must a t&p valve be located on top of a tank?


what size should the discharge pipe from a T&P valve be?

same size as the inlet

where should the outlet on a T&P valve terminate?

no more than 12" above the floor

what does thermal lag mean?

undesirable wait for hot water

how are T&P valves sized?

burner input rating

what component controls the frequency of flush for a urinal flush tank?

fill valve

what is the maximum allowable temperature to be delivered froma mixing valve?

120° F

but recommended

100° F

how must sterilizers be connected to a drainage system?

indirectly connected

temperature sensing valves will be a maximum temperature of what?


what is the flood level rim height of a kitchen sink?


what is the maximum length for a 3/8 supply line?


when must a bypass be installed?

1-1\2" or more

red brass or bronze, what can be used underground?

red brass

what is the maximum temperature setting on a hot water tank?


when must a stop and drain valve be installed on a water service?

1" or more

what is the minimum trap size for a bidet?


do bidets have integral traps?


how are bidets mounted?

floor mounted

when must a recirc line be installed?

if the water distribution length is more than 30m or supplying water through more than 4 stories

what is the only fixture that must have a shutoff?

a waterlosest

what is the size of the drain pan (floor drain) that your relief valve drains into?

two sizes larger than relief valve

what is the spacing in between urinals?


what is the clearence required under the front edge of a barrier-free lavatory?

735 mm

what is the turning radius for a barrier-free cubical?



5 ft

how far off the floor must a barrier free water closet be?

400-460 mm

how long of a hose must a barrier free shower be?


or 59"

what is the minimum automatic control effort for a drinking fountain in a barrier free setting?

no more than 22N or 5lb of fource

when urinals are installed in multiples, what is another name for them?


what is the minimum size of bathroom stall?

32" wide

55" long

what is the minimum height for a lavatory to its flood level rim?


what coloum do you use when sizing water distribution?

the distance to the most remote fixture

what coloum do you use when sizing your water service line?

distance from the property line to the main building shut off

what do you subtract to find the total kPa flowing through the water distribution line?

the height & loss through meter

what do you subtract to find the total kPa flowing through the water service?

the elevation change

from the static pressure at the property line

what is the rough in height for a drinking fountain?

30" for elementary

40-44" for high school and offices

larger HWT are installed how far above the floor?

4ft to 6ft