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give a quotation that shows the religious aspects in the artilleryman's fear
when the narrator asks "where are you going?" and he answers "god knows."

give a quotation that presents the artilleryman's inability to comprehend what has happened

(hint: chapter 1- at the window)

"they wiped us out--simply wiped us out," he repeated again and again.
where does the artilleryman hit his breaking point?
"then abruptly he sat down before the table, put his head on his arms, and began to sob and weep like a little boy"
how does the artilleryman explain the motion of destruction in a triplet?
"--then stumble, bang, swish!"
what metaphor does the artilleryman use to explain what the Martians had done to the human race?
"crippled the greatest power in the world. they've walked over us"
what oxymoron is used to describe the curate?

"his eyes were rather large, pale blue, and blankly staring"

(blankly staring)

what rhetorical question does the narrator use when the curate starts to panic?


"what good is religion if I collapses under calamity?"

what metaphor does the narrator use to describe the curate?

(end of chapter 3)

"practically he had already sunk to the level of an animal"