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Question #: 2: Who establishes the Air Force computer system management working group (CSMWG)?
Correct answer: HQ USAF/SCMOS.
221 Not User's answer: HQ USAF/ILM.
What is used for the generation, management, and distribution of keying material, including the programming of FORTEZZA cards?
Correct answer: Certification authority workstation (CAW).
201 Not User's answer: Certificate repository.
: Within how many days after filing the initial report are interim reports submitted?
Correct answer: 30 days.
210 Not User's answer: 60 days
Which form can be considered a daily physical security inventory of your environment?
Correct answer: SF701.
202 Not User's answer: SF702.
Correct answer: Communications and information systems officer (CSO).
Correct answer: Communications and information systems officer (CSO).
Additional Notes: 222
Not User's answer: Equipment control officer (ECO).
What algorithm was designed exclusively for signing/verification and data integrity?
Correct answer: Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA).
Additional Notes: 217 (pg 1-44)
User's answer: Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1).
Within how many hours of deployment notification are initial communications support designed to provide basic communications to a bare base operation and for up to how many days do they remain in place?
Correct answer: 72 hours; 30 days.
Additional Notes: 229
User's answer: 72 hours; 60 days.
What is not part of a requirements justification statement?
Correct answer: Cannibalization ability.
Additional Notes: 222
User's answer: Quality of life.
What system automates the functions of an Air Operations Center (AOC) and Air Support Operations Center (ASOC)?
Correct answer: Contingency Theater Automated Planning System (CTAPS).
Additional Notes: 231
User's answer: Ground Theater Air Control System (GTACS).
You do not get approval to ship or transfer COMSEC material from the
Correct answer: MAJCOM.
Additional Notes: 206
User's answer: Cryptologic Systems Group (CSGP).
In what folder of the COMSEC account 6-part folder is the account copy of the Standard Form 153 transfer report filed?
Correct answer: 1.
Additional Notes: 204
User's answer: 4.
AFI 33-211, COMSEC Users Handbook, directs the COMSEC responsibility officer to answer write-ups found during an inspection within what time period until the write-up is cleared?
Correct answer: 60 days.
Additional Notes: 212
User's answer: 30 days.
All DOD certificate management infrastructures (CMI) have the ability to generate, sign, and process certificates that contain a
Correct answer: X.500 Distinguished Name (DN).
Additional Notes: 218
User's answer: X.400 Distinguished Name (DN).
A Theater Deployable Communications-Integrated Communications Access Package (TDC-ICAP) metropolitan area network (MAN) normally covers the size of an area between
Correct answer: 2 and 50 square kilometers
Additional Notes: 232
User's answer: 2 and 50 square miles.
What block on the Standard Form 153 is marked with "destruction"?
Correct answer: 3.
Additional Notes: 207
Who should the communications and information systems officer (CSO) request assistance from if the requirement request is beyond the scope of local expertise?
Correct answer: Systems Tele-Communications Engineering Manager (STEM)-B.
Additional Notes: 222
User's answer: MAJCOM equipment control officers (MECO).
Who issues a COMSEC incident a case number and determines when to close the case?
Correct answer: Air Force Communications Agency (AFCA).
Additional Notes: 210
User's answer: National Security Agency (NSA).
To ensure COMSEC responsibility officers are complying with applicable directives and accounting for the COMSEC material under their control, the COMSEC manager is required to inspect their accounts at least
Correct answer: semi-annually.
Additional Notes: 201
User's answer: quarterly.
In public key cryptography, key establishment can occur by key
Correct answer: transfer or key agreement.
User's answer: security verification or key acknowledgement.
The Computer Systems Management, Equipment Custodian inventory listing can be generated after the
Correct answer: ECO loads the equipment into IPMS.
Additional Notes: 225
User's answer: final copy of the inventory is received from the ECO.
If it is physically impossible to conduct an inventory of a user because of distance, the COMSEC manager
Correct answer: asks the user to verify his or her holding by letter or message.
Additional Notes: 209
User's answer: conducts the inventory with the user by telephone.
Which phase is not involved in issuing COMSEC material
Correct answer: Protection.
Additional Notes: 205
User's answer: Administration.
What certifies access to the user Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) FORTEZZA card?
Correct answer: Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Additional Notes: 220
User's answer: Authentication services.
What system provides the capability to plan, execute and reconstitute both offensive and defensive operations in continually building phases?
Correct answer: The Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS).
Additional Notes: 231
User's answer: Contingency Theater Automated Planning System (CTAPS).
Whenever COMSEC material needs to be replaced or amended immediately, who develops the original messages for COMSEC accounts by urgent electronic message?
Correct answer: Cryptologic Systems Group (CSGP).
Additional Notes: 208
User's answer: National Security Agency (NSA).
Who directs the Air Force Computer Systems Redistribution Program?
Correct answer: HQ USAF/SCMOS.
Additional Notes: 221
User's answer: HQ USAF/SC.
A cryptography hash is used to take
Correct answer: an arbitrary input and change it to a fixed input.
Additional Notes: 216
User's answer: an arbitrary input and change it to an arbitrary output
When a given user has multiple "old" certificates and at least one "current" certificate, the user has a key
Correct answer: history.
Additional Notes: 219
User's answer: update.
What is the maximum number of different actions that can be accomplished on a single SF 153?
Correct answer: 1.
Additional Notes: 4.
User's answer: 4.
Which Air Force Instruction covers the Cryptographic Access Program?
Correct answer: AFI33-210.
Additional Notes: 201
User's answer: AFI 33-212.
How often must the security clearances of personnel working in a COMSEC account be verified?
Correct answer: Monthly.
Additional Notes: 202
User's answer: Quarterly.
Which class of certification establishes an identity through an association with a service, agency, or other component of the DOD?
Correct answer: 2.
Additional Notes: 218
User's answer: 1.
Who ensures all legal aspects of the requirement are correctly addressed and handled?
Correct answer: MAJCOM information manager (IM).
Additional Notes: 223
User's answer: Requirements authorizing official.
AF Forms 1109 are destroyed after
Correct answer: 90 days.
Additional Notes: 202
User's answer: 1 year.
Where does the next unused voucher number come from that is used on transfer reports?
Correct answer: AFCOMSEC Form 14.
Additional Notes: 204
User's answer: Standard Form 153.
Which class of certification requires the user to personally appear before a Certificate Management Authority (CMA), and present two forms of identification or credentials?
Correct answer: 4.
Additional Notes: 218
User's answer: 3.
In which folder of the COMSEC account 6-part folder are destruction certificates filed?
Correct answer: 6.
Additional Notes: 207
User's answer: 4.