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authorize (n)
synonyms: order, entitle, empower
culprit (n)
synonyms: lawbreaker, wrongdoer
dawdle (v)
synonyms: delay, loiter, dillydally
dissect (v)
synonyms: examine
expend (v)
synonyms: utilize, consume, disburse
fatality (n)
synonyms: casualty, mortality
gullible (adj)
synonyms: trusting, innocent, naive, credulous
illicit (adj)
synonyms: illegal, unauthorized, forbidden
immerse (v)
synonyms: dunk, engross
inflammatory (adj)
synonyms: provoking, provocative, incendiary
memorandum (n)
synonym: reminder
pathetic (adj)
synonyms: distressing, moving, heartrending, pitiable
persevere (v)
synonyms: plug away, stick to it, pursue
prevaricate (v)
synonyms: lie, fib, stretch the truth
quash (v)
synonym: repress
relish (n) & (v)
synonyms: (n) pleasure
(v) take delight in
reminisce (v)
synonyms: remember, recollect
scour (v)
synonyms: scrub, search, comb(v)