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Ennui (n)

Boredom, weariness

Entail (v)

To include as a necessary step

Enthrall (v)

To charm; hold spellbound

Ephemeral (adj)

Short-lived; fleeting

Epitome (n)

A perfect example; embodiment

Equanimity (n)


Equivocal (adj)

Ambiguous; uncertain; undecided

Eschew (v)

To shun; avoid

Espouse (v)

To take up as a cause; support

Euphoric (adj)

Elated; uplifted

Evanescent (adj)

Fleeting; momentary

Exacerbate (v)

To make more violent, intense

Exasperate (v)

To irritate; irk

Exculpate (v)

To free from guilt or blame; exonerate

Exhort (v)

To urge; prod; spur

Exigent (adj)

Urgent; critical

Exorbitant (adj)


Expiate (v)

To make amends for; atone

Extol (v)

To praise; revere

Extraneous (adj)

Irrelevant; extra; not necessary