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Amrica mikhalefe nezami sazi mantaghe ast

Us is against the militarization of the region. Militarize

Omidvaram hame chi khub bashe

Hope all is well.

Bores sang twalet

Toilette bowl brush

Company dafe zobale peida kon

You need to find a waste disposal company

Very unpleasant behavious

Obnoxious (ebnakshez) behaviour

Laf zadan

To say something about oneself boasfully

Iran brags about nuclear progresses

Frightful and shocking murder ( makhuf

Gruesome murder

Frightful and shocking murder ( makhuf

Gruesome murder

Chijori az sharesh khalas sham

How can i work my way out of it?

Feeling concerning other people ( yekdeli

I have empathy( sympathy) for survivors of holocaust

Forutanane and moadabane bepors

Ask it humbly and respectfully

pierce or transfix with a sharp instrument ( surakh kardan


"his head was impaled on a pike and exhibited for all to see"

Vaghti sink baste ast az lule baz kon estefade kon

When the sink is clogged use the plunger ( plenjer)

Dokmat baZe

You are missing a button

In yek azare

Its a hassle ( hasel

Calculate your tax hassle free

Oon tu habse enferadiye

He is in solitary confinement

Khaneye tarikhi

Historical house

Be saf shin ( at school or army)

Line up

Ye dokmehat vaze

You are missing one if the buttons

Nimeye july


A person who ruins a party by either stopping fun or not participating in a certain activity

Party pooper

Habse abad bedune emkane afve mashrut

He got Life sentence without parole


Fortus ( fites

Zede seghte jenin

Seghte jenin kardan

You cannont force your gf to abort the foetus (also fetus)

Anti abortion


Godzilla ( gadzila

Zire laptopi

Docking station for laptop

To feed and care for a young bird until its ready to fly. Kamel takamol yafte

He presented a full-fledged slide show.

Sarparadte khanevade


In sample tashkil shode az students ha va professor ha

This sample is comprised from students and professors ( kempraiz

Etelaate jamiuat shenakhti nadare

Without demographic information

A line indicating the heights of high and low tide


Ghesmate mashin tu walmart

Does this walmart store have car service?

A day computer programmers gather to cooperate intensively on project design

Hackathon day

An elementary book for teaching children to read


To increase in extent, intensity or amount

Tensions that escalated into violence


Calaboose ( kelabus

Lule kesh


Lule kesh


Man hazeram in sandali ro khali konam

Im ready to vacate this chair

To give substance to an argument. To expand

Let me flesh it out

when a person is so drunk that they wake up the next morning with temporary amnesia, no recollection of what they did the night before

oh man i blacked out so fast last night and then i woke up in this ugly girl's room

television ruye ye istgahe khas tanzim shode

tv is tuned into a station

bedune tamase dast va behdashti

touch free and hygienic

man kambude personel daram

im short on staff

did be suye

an area maintained for the protection of wildlife or natural resources

preserve view

ashghalo ro mibiran

valley trash

afat kosh.

control hasharat


pest control

bar ax hame to ro dus daran

on the contrary, everyone likes you

the opposite or contrary

we thought sue was older than bill but the reverse was true.

harfaeibzadim ke nemitunim paseshilun begirim

we said things that we cannot take back

man tuye ye concert am

im at a concert

a man who dresses up in women's clothes , typically for the purpose of entertaunment

drag queen

adamaye bigonah hamishe mimiran

innocent people die all the time

bayad rbetamun ro az paye be bala besazim

we should build our relationship from the ground up

able to move rapidly and easily (chabok)

agile ( a-jel