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megotiations between one or more unions and one or more employers with the purpose of establishing a formal labor agreement specifying compensation, hour of work, and other conditions of employment
collective bargining
a law which prohibits the requirements that a person become, or promise to become, a union member as a condition of employment
right-to-work law
a period during which neither union nor management may strike, lock out, or alter the terms of the existing agreement
cooling-off period
an employee designated as the union representation for each job
job steward
the practice on the part of some labor unions o forcing employers to hire more people than are needed for a particular job
the use of arbitration to resolve disputes over the interpretation and application of a collective-bargining agreement
grievane arbitration
those willing and able to work but unable to find employment even when labor is in short supply
hard-core unemployment
all those over 16 years of age who are either employees, actively seeking work, or awaiting recall from a layoff
labor force
third-party intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation
factory or business that employs workers on equal terms whether members of labor unions or not
open shop
a business establishment that employs only members of labor unions, but may hire nonmembers provided they agree to join a union
union shop
the ratio of the number of unemployed to the total labor force
unemployment rate
a period during which neither union nor management may strike, lock out, or alter the terms of the existing agreement
cooling-off period
a work stoppage conducted by union members without authorization or regular union procedure
wildcat strike
a business that employs only members of labor unions in good standing
closed shop
the period following bid opening during which the proposed bids are to remain in force
acceptance period
plans submitted by firms doing business with the federal government which list their goals for hiring women/minorities in coming years
affirmative action plans
settlement of a dispute between labor and management by referring the case to an agreed-upon third party for decision
that which is opposed to trusts or other business monopolies
a group of employees recognized by the employer for the collective bargining purposes, as representation fo the interests of the majority
bargining unit
documents available to contractors on the basis of which they must make their decision whether or not to bid on a contruction job
bid package
a document signed by both contractor and owner in order to formally indicate changes made in the original orders
change order