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(v) to regard with horror or loathing; to hate

let me say frankly that i abhor prejudice in anyone, even a member of my own family

syn. to detest, despise, abominate
ant. to admire, cherish, respect, relish
(v) to change in a formal way, to change for the better.

we are petitioning the council to amend its procedures so that all citizens will have a chance to express their opinions

syn. to midodify, to improve, correct
(v) to slap or cuff; to strike repedately; to drive or force with blows; to force one's way with difficulty.

(n) a slap, blow

a person who has been buffeted about by so many dreadful misfortunes will either become stronger or suffer a complete break down.

syn. to batter, sock, thump, pummel
(n) great confusion disorder

In our frantic search for the missing papers, we overturned everything in the room, turning it into complete chaos

syn. anarchy, turmoil, pandemonium
ant. order, regularity, tranquility, peace and quiet
(adj) roomy spacious

The trunk of the car was so commodius that it held all of our skiing equiptment as well as our other lugage.

syn. comfortable, ample, capacious, roomy
ant. cramped, claustrophobic, insufficient
(adj) eating away gradually, acid like, bitterly sarcastic

in the chemistry lab, we are taugh to handle corrosive substances, like polash with great care.

syn. caustic, mordant, acidulous; spiteful
ant. bland, mild, benign, amiable