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Largely centered on the west coast. called beat necks. it was the first counter culture movement. abstraction from mainstream and to enact chance. they were radical and bohemian. very experimental in their lifestyle and looking for alternatives. a need to find themselves and knkow who they are. a lot of the artists worked with found materials.
Pop Art
fascinated with mass media and communication. not really a blatant attack on consumerism more subtle. Beatnecks are more blatantly crticial of mass media and pop. culture.
Optical Art
artists wanted to create a physical reaction from their viewers.
art that is supposed to be objective. rational, clean, cool, style that emphasized order.
using a found image, usually in a new context.
Earth Art
large outdoor constructions, particullary in the western US.
Part of a social awakening and review of society. it is challenging the expectations and assumptions. it is crash and forces you to confront issues. self awareness as the womens movement as a movement. womens rights about changing attituteds and laws (wage Inequities)
Black Art
effor to rarise awareness of the black experience. effort to reclaim how they are represented. seeks to recover and preserve black history. many were member of the art workers coalition.
Culture wars
the clash between artists and the american public about the purpose of art. controversy that comes about when artists create work that congress thinks is obscene. the miller three prong test.
focused on human physicality, vulnerability and repression often questioning notions of essentialism and corresponding constructions of gendered identity and homosexuality.
Art Workers Coalition
A group of activist artists including andre, morris and hans haacke formed to protest the museum's violation of artist's rights. fought against social injustice, the exploitation of arrtists and the inequity of museum practices.
Black Mountain College
1952 event. blending dance, movies, poetry, paintings, photography and music rejecting a central focus and depending on the audience to complete its meanings. the event had a huge impact on postwar artists weeking alternative and more expansive forms of creative expression.
Conceptual Art
art as a set of operations. art about how the artist operates to create it no matter the outcome. art about ideas.
we shall utilize the specific sunstances of sight sound movements people odor touch. objects of every sort are materials for the new art: paint, chairs, food, electric and neon lights, smoke water etc...they will disclose entirely unheard of happenings and events.
identity politics
a chief characteristic of art in the 1990's was the maturation of identity politics and the development of less formulaic and didactic approaches to race, ethnicity, gender and sexual difference. while recognizing sociocultural trends toward the stimuli of technology and media.
John Cage
on the faculty of Black mountain college. his ready made muscial compositions aimed to eliminiate barriers between art artists and audiences
National Endowment of Arts. 1965 by President Johnson. provided federal funding for artists and scholars, demonstrating political and public confidence in american art and culture.
critiquiing the dominance of abstract expressionism and mainstram culture. a truly modern movement because it implies that each artist can do what he thinks he outght to.
objecting to limiting, formalist notions of modern art and revitalizing the ambiguous, irrevrant, and pluralistic directions that were key to much of early 20th centuryl american culture.
analysed social and cultural relationships in terms of abstract patterns, codes, and structures. what saussure called signs, signifiers and signifieds.
West Coast Funk Art
especially preoccupied with taboo sunjects. largely inseperable from the beat culture, funk was even more engaged in an ephermeral juck aesthetic, in rebelling against slick traditional art materials with ratty assemblages made of trash.