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(V) To have an intense dislike for.

I abominated her for being so rude and mean to my little sister.
(Adj) Resistant to lawful authority or having the purpose of overthrowing the government.

The seditious organization was composed of many men bent on overthrowing the government
(N) The modification of one group because of contact with the social patterns of another society.

When a group from another country immigrates to the U.S., they go through acculturation as they pick up our unique social patterns.
(Adj) Existing in name only, not real; to small to be taken seriously.

My chairman position in the group was only nominal; I never actually did anything for the club.
(V) To make amends, to make up for, atone.

I was willing to expiate my tardiness by staying later after class.
(N) A natural inclination or tendency.

She always has a proclivity to favor girl students to boy students.
(V) To sympathize with, have pity or sorrow for.

Although I commiserated with her at first for losing her wallet, I eventually became so annoyed with her incessant mentioning of it that I lost pity for her.
(V) To attribute, assign or refer to as a cause.

Rachel ascribed her fever to a psychosomatic reaction as a result of not wanting to attend school.
(Adj) Resulting from a lack of attention, unintentional, accidental.

His inadvertent mention of her name was seen as a Freudian slip.
(N) A state of great excitement, agitation.
(V) To work into such a state; to produce alcohol by chemical reaction.

The speaker fermented the group by yelling passionately to stir them up.
(Adj) Not decisive, indefinite. Unwilling to take a clear position.

Because of John Popper's noncommital nature, I always end up making his harmonical decisions for him.
(V) To direct or order; to prohibit

I enjoined her to come to the dinner table or else she would be sent to her room.
(Adj.) Resulting from chance, accidental.

The fact that I was partners with Babeuf in chem class was adventitious; the teacher partnered us up by chance.
(V) To steal something that's been given into one's trust.

Mr. Bochler peculted the book money he should have passed onto the school and spent it on lacrosse balls.
(N) Composure or coolness, especially in trying circumstances.

I expected her to act with sangfroid during the hurricaine, but i was wrong: she was the most nervous and frantic one of all.
(V) To make easy, cause to progress faster.

I expedited the meeting by taking charge and assigning tasks.
(Adj.) Roundabout, not direct.

I took a ciruitous route home, going roundabout ways to make the walk more interesting.
(Adj) Thin, slender, lacking of sound basis, poorly supported.

His paper ended up being tenuous because of its lack of evidence to support the thesis.
(Adj) Bitter, sarcastic, highly caustic or biting.

His vitriolic nature was amusing to some, but I found his sarcasm and bitterness to be a turnoff.
One who wears an Ismail Pasha hat, is a part of a pink blob with two heads, and extremely enjoys saying "hello, Billy" while impersonating Ms. Carmody.

Wheedle (hehe)
(V) To use coaxing or flattery to gain some desired end.

I wheedled him into letting me take the car by telling him how much I loved him.