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verb, to get used to
Synonyms- orient
verb, to regard with horror and loathin; hate intensley
Synonyms- loathe
Antonyms- fancy, relish
whats a barrister and why would a lawyer that everyone respected object to being called a shyster
a lawyer in england
shyster is a lawyer that uses bad ways to win
adjective wretched, mean-spirited, complete
Synonyms- debasing, craven, utter
what is a writ of habeas corpus and a writ of mandamus
whb- requiring a person be brought before a judge or court
wm- cammanding that something specific be done
what does the prefix ab mean
what is plea bargaining and to cop a plea
plea bargaining- an arrangement between the prosecuter and defendant of an agreement that if the defendent pleads guilty the defendent wil get a lesser charge
to cop a plea means to plea guilty but to a lesser crime
verb,to encourage or assist, especially in wrongdoing
Synonyms-egg on
Antonyms-dissuade deter curb thwart hinder inhibit
what is the diffence abstinent and abstemious
abstinent means total avoidence
abstemious means moderation
verb, give up formally as an office power duty or claim
Synonyms- relinquish, divest oneself of
Antonyms- retain, hold onto
what does forebear mean and what does forbear mean
forebear- to restrain one's self
forbear- ancestor
what is the difference between loth and loathe
loath- reluctant, disinclined
loathe- dislike intensley
verb, to yield to, to enter upon an office
Synonyms assent concur acquiesce comply
Antonyms- dissent demur balk at
what do absolve and absolution also mean
granting a pardon for a sin
verb, to refrain completly and voluntarily
Synonyms- forbear eschew temperate sparing moderate
Antonyms- indulge partake
verb, to vlear of guilt or blame
Synonyms- acquit, exonerate, exculpate, vindicate
Antonyms- inculpate, indict
adjective, scholarly, theoretical
Synonyms- scholastic, speculative
what is the difference between an accessory before and an accesory after
accessory before- you know that the the person is going to do the crime but you werent there when they did it
accessory after- you were there and you helped during the crime
noun, habit forming
what does quit mean
what is a misdameanor and what is a felony
a misdameanor is a minor wrongdoing and a felony is a serious crime
explain when someone would ask for a change of venue
this means someone was a jury from somewhere else. This is usually taken into consideration if there is to much publicity
what is double jepordy
when you get charged for the same thing twice