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Louis Pasteur
The scientist who disproved spontaneous generation by showing that broth that was boiled and left in a flask did not spontaneously grow.
Germ Theory of Disease
1. The pathogen should always be found in a sick organism and never in a healthy one.

2.The pathogen must be isolated and grown in a lab culture.

3.When the culture pathogen is placed in a new host, it should cause the same disease that infected the original host.

4.The pathogen should be recovered from the second host, and should be identical to the original pathogen.

Particles of nucleic acids surrounded by a protein coat, and sometimes lipids form the host cell.
A protein coat.
Viruses that infect bacteria.
Lytic Infection
When the virus enters a cell, makes copies of itself, causing the cell to burst.
Lysogenic Infection
When a virus integrates its DNA into the DNA of the host cell, and the viral genetic information replicates along with the host's cell DNA indefinitely. At some point the virus activates and goes into a lytic cycle.