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Movement began by African Americans in the south in the 1950's to win full civil rights
Civil Rights Movement
Mississippian and President of the confederacy during the Civil War
Jefferson Davis
President Franklin Roosevelt's plan for ending the Great Depression
New Deal
Governor of Virginia tried to avoid anti-Indian violence; opposed Bacon's Rebellion
William Berkeley
Agency created by the federal government during Reconstruction to help freed slaves
Freedman's Bureau
Law making it illegal to separate people by race in public places and giving the federal government the power to fight racism
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Virginia lawyer, thinker and patriot; who signed the Declaration of Independence
George Wythe
Virginian African-American educator and scientist freed from slavery helped found Tuskegee Institute
Booker T. Washington
Plan proposed by James Madison at the Constitutional Convention for establishing a new government with three branches
Virginia Plan
Nicknamed "Lighthorse Harry" fought in N. Carolina as cavalry officer during the Revolutionary War
Henry Lee