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What is the end-point of viral hepatitis?


Nucleic acid category of Hep. A

ss RNA

Nucleic acid category of Hep. B


Nucleic acid category of Hep. C


Nucleic acid category of Hep. delta


Nucleic acid category of Hep. E


What are the 2 types of hepatitis that are transmitted fecal-orally?

Hep. A and E

(exam i think)

T or F, all hepatitis viruses are related in some sort of way

FALSE. None of the hepatitis are related. They are only grouped together because they affect the liver

Transmission of Hep. A


(exam i think)

Which Hep. is associated with consumption of contaminated foods (esp. water and shellfish)

Hep. A

T or F, Hep. A is associated with chronic hepatitis and/or hepatic cancers

False. NOT associated

Which type of Hep. can cause jaundice in adults?

Hep. A

Which Ig's will increase progressively after infection of Hep. A? Which will decrease?

Increase: IgG

Decrease: IgM

T or F, Hep. E can cause chronic hepatitis


WHICH HEP. IS THIS: Infection may lead to fulminant hepatic failure in pregnant women

Hep. E

Where is the highest burden of Hep. B in the world?

West Africa

What type of transmission constitutes the majority of cases of Hep. B in West Africa?


Modes of transmission of Hep. B

Blood (most common), semen

(exam i think)

Which is more like to end up in a chronic hepatitis (re: Hep. B), perinatal transmission OR adults infection/acute hepatitis

Perinatal (90% will end up in chronic infection).... acute hepatitis only accounts for ~5% of chronic hepatitis

Immune clearance VS. immune tolerance... when do most symptoms occur?

Immune clearance

What test do you order if you want to know if your patient is currently infected with Hep. B

Surface antigen test (HepBsAg)

(on exam i think)

What test do you order if you want to know if your patient has ever been exposed to Hep. B

Core antibody (HepBcAb)

(on exam i think)

What test do you order if you want to know if your patient is immune to Hep. B

Surface antibody (HepBsAb)

(on exam i think)

What test do you order if you want to know if your patient have an acute Hep. B infection

Core IgM test. (HepBcIgM)

(on exam i think)

#1 way to prevent against Hep. B?


#1 goal of treatment of Hep. B infection

Suppress HBV replication. It's a DNA virus, which is very stable so you cannot really completely remove it from the patient that is infected. So you want to suppress replication as much as you can

Hep D is dependent on _____ for production of envelope proteins

Hep. B. (i.e. you can only get Hep. D infection in the presence of Hep. B)

#1 cause of Hep. C transmission

Injection drug use

(exam i think)

T or F, Hep. C will progress to chronic infection in ~80% of cases


How is Hep. C diagnosed? (2)

1) presence of HCV Ab in the blood

2) presence of HCV RNA in the blood

#1 indication for liver transplantation secondary to Hep. C infection

Liver failure

T or F, prevention of Hep. C = vaccination

FALSE. There is no vaccine against Hep. C

T or F, you cannot cure Hep. C, treatment goals are basically to suppress viral replication

FALSE. You can cure this one (not like in the case of Hep. B)

Treatment for HBV? (2)

IFN alpha

Nucleoside/nucleotide inhibitors

(on exam i think)

Treatment for HCV? (2)

IFN alpha


(on exam i think)

Needle-stick injuries, we are worried about: (3)

1) HBV

2) HCV

3) HIV

Out of the 3 types viral agents that can result from a needle-stick injury, which one is the most infectious?