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Where is most of the profit made in the film industry?
software (selling and renting of the film)
What are 3 types of original sound/film sync methods?
1.mouthing and miming to a playback record
2.simaltaneous live recording of image and sound sync dubbing
Who invented the first sound machine and what was it called
Thomas Edison invented the phonograph
How big is the film industry in comparison to other U.S. corperations?
3rd largest
Which came first: sound or image recording?
Who invented the first sound machine and what was it called?
Thomas Edison invented the phonograph
Who invented the zoopraxiscope?
Edward Muybridge
What was the most difficult problem facing sound on film?
What year did sound succesfully land on film?
What was the name of the first public movie theatre, where was it located, and when was it opened?
-Theatre Robert Houdin
-Aprili 1896
What were the 4 original criticisms of sound in movies?
1.restricted directors
2.prevented camera mobility
3.inhibited actors
4.caused great problems for cameramen
+intruded on the viewers imagaination
Name 5 of the improvements generated by sound investigation and usage
1.standardization of camera speed to exsactly 24 frames per second
2.forced producers to make better films
3.forced better lighting developing had to be ??????????????????????
5.standardized projection
How long were the first feature films?
5 minutes
What was the first hit sound movie and what are 4 reasons it was successful?
-The Jazz Singer
1.improved sound quality
2.better film-sharper images
3.big star-Al Jolsen had music and talking(musical)
What was the first feature talkig film shot outdoors?
In Old Arizona
What was the common name for Thomas Edison and his factory?
the wizard of menlo park
How long are feature films today?
90+ minutes
What were 2 positive outcomes of sound on film?
1.revitalized box office income
2.forced people to advance the technology
What was "the trust"?
the patent holding monopoly formed by Edison and others
How much did Edward Armet's phonograph cost and how much did the other ones cost?
his: $5
others: $25
What was special about the phono-cinema theatre?
the sound was matched to tempo with the projected film preformence
What company finally solved the sound sync problem?
What invention did E.E. Norton design?
What did W.K.L. Dickson invent?
the motion picture machine
What was the phonoscope and who invented it?
it was a tool for teaching the deaf to speak and it was invented by Dr. George Demeny
What were the original companies names for the present day Sony Corporation?
American Graphone Company and Columbia Phonograph Company
How did Edison get information from his competitors?
he had industrial spies
What was a major problem with actors and actresses when sound on film began?
the quality was poor
IN 1895 what did Louis and Auguste Lumiere present to the public?
the cinematographe-the first film projector