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Describe cartilage fish.
have skeleton of cartilage, paired fins, cold-blooded, toothlike scales on skin
What are three examples of cartilage fish?
sharks, skates, rays
Describe jawless fish.
jawless, sucker-shaped mouth, cartilage skeleton, cold-blooded
Give two examples of jawless fish.
lampreys, hagfishes
Give characteristics of bony fish.
skeleton of bone, gill covers, scales, cold-blooded
Give three examples of bony fish.
trout, tuna, flounder
Describe amphibians.
most young have gills, most adults have lungs, lay eggs in water or moist ground, cold blooded.
Give three examples of amphibians.
frogs, salamanders, toads.
Describe reptiles.
dry, scaly skin, egg has tough shell, cold-blooded, well-developed lungs.
Give three examples of reptiles.
lizards, turtles, snakes
Describe birds.
feathers, wings, hollow bones, warm-blooded
Give three examples of birds.
hawk, ostrich, robin
Describe mammals.
hair at some point in life, feed milk to young, well-developed brain, warm-blooded.
Give three examples of mammals.
bear, kangaroo, whale
What are vertebrates?
animals with backbones
What are chordates?
the phylum whose members have a notochord, a nerve cord, and slits in their throat area at some point in their lives.
What is an endoskeleton?
an internal skeleton
What is cartilage?
a flexible strong tissue that is softer than bone
What is an ectotherm?
an animal whose body does not produce much internal heat.
What is an endotherm?
an animal whose body controls and regulates its temperature by controlling the internal heat it produces.