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(adv.) above, on top; before
triplex, triplicis
crinitus, -a, -um
hairy, having long hair [stella crinita = comet]
iuba, -ae
(f.) horse's mane; crest of a helmet
galea, -ae
(f.) helmet
sustineo, -ere, sustinui, sustentus
to support; to check; to put off; to put up with; to sustain; to hold back
efflo, -are, -avi, -atus
to blow or breathe out; to breathe one's last
efferus, -a, -um
savage, cruel, barbarous
effundo, effundere, effudi, effusus
to pour out; to break/flow out.
crudesco, crudescere, crudui, --
to become savage, wild, fierce, violent; to grow worse
saeta, -ae
(f.) hair; bristle
obsitus, -a, -um
overgrown, covered with
argumentum, -i
(nt.) proof, argument, fact, evidence
caelo, -are, -avi, -atus
to carve, emboss, engrave, embroider
clipeatus, -a, -um
armed; furnished with a shield
denseo, densere, --, densetus
to press, crowd; to thicken, condense
scutum, -i
(nt.) shield
saltus, -us
(m.) narrow passage, defile, pass
vomer, vomeris
(m.) ploughshare; stylus
collus, -i
(m.) neck
praesideo, praesidere, praesedi, --
to watch/preside over, guard (w/ dat.)
palus, paludis
(fem.) swamp, marsh
florens, florentis
blooming, flowering
caterva, -ae
(f.) crowd, troop, followers, company
colus, -i
(m.) basket; distaff
calathus, -i
(m.) wicker/flower basket
praeverto, -ere, praeverti, --
to anticipate, preoccupy; to outstrip, outrun
gramen, graminis
(nt.) grass, herb, plant, turf
tener, tenera, tenerum
tender, soft, weak
arista, -ae
(f.) harvest
tumeo, tumere, --, --
to swell, become inflated
tingo, tingere, tinxi, tinctus
to wet, moisten, soak; to dye; to stain (w/ blood)
prospecto, -are, -avi, -atus
to gaze on; to look out on
inhio, inhiare, inhiavi, inhiatus
to gape; to be open-mouthed
ostrum, -i
(nt.) purple dye, color, garment
velo, -are, -avi, -atus
to veil, cover, hide, conceal; to clothe in; to envelop, wrap
honos, honoris
(m.) honor, public office; esteem, reputation
fibula, -ae
(f.) clasp, buckle, brooch
pharetra, -ae
(f.) quiver
praefingo, -ere, -fixi, -fictus
to mold, shape, make, create, invent; to modify, transform
cuspis, cuspidis
(f.) point, tip; blade, edge
myrtus, -i
(FEM.) myrtle-tree