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fingo, ere, finxi, fictus
fashion, mould, make
vanus, -a, -um
empty, vain, false, untrustworthy
mendax, acis (adj.)
lying, decietful, false
perhaps, by chance
auris, -is, f.
inclutus, -a, -um
renowned, famous
prodito, -onis f.
treason, charge of treason
insons, ontis,
guiltless, innocent
indicium, -i, n.
information, evidence, charge
veto, -are, -ui -itus
forbid, binder, oppose
demito, ere, misi, missus
send down, cast down
nex, necis, f.
violent death; slaughter murder
cassus, -a, -um
lacking, deprived of
lumen, inis, n.
light, life
lugeo, lugēre, luxi, luctum
mourn, bewail
comes, itis, c.
companion, follower
consanguinitas, atis, f.
blood relationship, kinship
propinquus, -a, -um
near; as noun, relative
pauper, -eris
incolumis, -e
unharmed, safe, unimpaired
vigeo, -ēre, -ui
be active, strong; be influential
consilium, -i. n.
plan, design; deliberative body, council.
decus, oris, n.
comliness, ornament; dignity
gero, ere, gessi, gestus,
carry, accomplish; enjoy
invidia, -ae f.
envy, jealousy, hatred
pellax, -acis
artful, cunning