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(dis)agree with

Having said that, I agree with you: we have to practise zero tolerance here.

Furthermore I disagree with the choice of the simplified Treaty revision procedure.

Desconcordar concordar/com

(dis)approve of

I reiterated our position that the Union does not (dis)approve of the death penalty.

Aprovação desaprovação /de

admit to

After being stopped by the police, George admitted to having drunk two pints of beer.


aim at

to aim at the enemy tanks




apologise for

She apologised for not introducing herself sooner.

Desculpar por

believe in

That is why we believe in the United Nations, of which we are founding members.

Acreditar em

benefit from

It is clear that we all benefit from our integrated European economy and society.

Beneficiar de

boast about

He is always boasting about having met the president.

Se vangloriar de

care for

These are the people who care for dependant older people and those with disabilities.

Se importar com

complain about

The students complained about being made to wear a uniform to school.

Reclamar sobre

concentrate on

Today I would like to concentrate on three areas concerning the European Council.

Concentrar-se em

confess to

The suspect never confessed to killing his wife.

confessar a

cope with

We must help them to cope with this difficult situation.

lidar com

count on

I await your support and, in return, you will be able to count on my determination.

contar com

decide against

An irresponsible decision. My Group therefore had to decide to vote against.

decidir contra

depend on

We want to safeguard communities which depend on fishing for a livelihood.

depende de

dream about/of

Belarusian society is mostly made up of people who can only dream about values like this.

At the 2007 spring summit, the EU27 was still free to dream of an ideal world.

sonhar sobre/de

feel like

It does feel like something to be wrong; it feels like being right.

sentir como

get on with

dar-se bem com


he Convention has done an excellent job, so let us get on with it.

dar-se bem


get used to

We have to get used to various references which are virtually clerical.


give up

Could you give up smoking?



insist on

Nick insisted on calling an ambulance.

insistir em

laugh about

We laughed about having to do such silly things.

rir sobre

object to

I objected to him calling me a liar.


pay for

Hence, European citizens would pay for mistakes that were not of their making.

pagar para

rely on

It cannot rely on a role as primus inter pares on the international scene.


resort to

The Chinese government must protect human rights and not resort to violence.

recorrer a

specialise in

They now seem to specialize in putting new obstacles in the way and of course the latest one is meeting the EMU convergence criteria.

especialista em

succeed in

On the other hand, however, we must also succeed in international competition.

sucesso em

talk about/of

My sister is always talking about having her hair dyed.

conversar sobre

falar de

think about/of

Do you ever think about getting married and having children?

pensar sobre


vote for

If we have to vote for a President, we have to vote on certain principles.

votar para

worry about

I appreciate the fears of those who worry about Turkey' s Islamic population.

se preocupar com