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what are 2 advantages of IMV?
-maintains muscle strength
-reduces cardiovascular compromise
how can you identify a leak in the VC-CMV mode using graphics?
The graphic (looks like a mountain peak) will not return to baseline
what is the primary reason for using PC-CMV?
The management of patients with ALI/ARDS
Permissive hypercapnia means to allow the carbon dioxide levels to rise in order to keep pressures low and ____ The pH is not usually allowed to drop ____
-preserve lung tissue
-below 7.20.
APRV may improve _____ and maintains benefits of ______
-spontaneous ventilation.
what are the 4 benefits of PSV?
*decreased resp.rate -
*increased tidal volume -*decreased muscle work *decreased oxygen consumption
PAV is designed to improve what important relationship?
patient-ventilator synchrony
what unique position improves oxygenation in ARDS?
prone positioning
what patients are especially sensitive to the cardiovascular effects of PPV?
hypovolemic patients
, what drug would you use to treat low cardiac index?
what drug would you use to treat low blood pressure?
PPV decreases urine output through direct effects on ____ ___, glomerular filtration rate and sodium and potassium excretion.
renal perfusion
PPV indirectly affects renal function by increasing ___ ___ , plasma aldosterone level, and ADH.
plasma renin