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Will ESXi use hyperthreading
Where does one change advanced host settings?
Hosts & Clusters > Host > Configuration > Software > Advanced
sched.mem.maxmemctl does what?
Configures the maximum amount of memory reclaimed from the selected VM by ballooning, in megabytes (MB).
What is the default vswap file policy?
Create on power-on, delete on power off.
What setting configures the vswap file location?
VMkernel.Boot.sharePerNode Does what?
controls whether memory pages can be shared (de-duplicated) only within a single NUMA node or across multiple NUMA nodes
What is NUMA
(Non-Uniform Memory Access) system, there are multiple NUMA nodes that consist of a set of processors and the memory
Where are vCPUs scheduled from in a NUMA system?
All vCPUs of the virtual machine are scheduled within the home node.
Which Microsoft operating system does not need a reboot for both Hot-Add features?
Windows Server 2008 Datacenter