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New England

Settled by Puritans seeking freedom from religious persecution in Europe.


Formed a "covenant community" under the Mayflower Compact

Middle Atlantic

Settled by English, Dutch, and German-speaking immigrants seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity

Southern Colonies

Settled by people seeking economic opportunities


First permanent settlement in Virginia, 1607

Virginia House of Burgesses

First elected assembly in the New World

Effects of colonization on Native Americans

Natives lost their land and fell victim to disease

Effect of growth of agricultural economy

Introduction of slavery

Economic Characteristics of

New England Colonies

Shipbuilding, fishing, lumbering, small-scale farming, eventually manufacturing

Economic Characteristics of

Middle Colonies

shipbuilding, small-scale farming, trading

Economic Characteristics of Southern Colonies

large plantations, small-scale farming, hunting, trading

Social Characteristics of New England Colonies

based on religious standing, intolerant of dissenters

Social Characteristics of Middle Colonies

religious tolerance, develop a middle class

Social Characteristics of Southern Colonies

dominated by landowners, close social ties with England

Middle Passage

the journey taken by slaves from Africa to the Americas

Great Awakening

religious movement in the mid-1700s that laid the social foundations for the American Revolution