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what test is done to diagnose CGD
nitroblue tetrazolium reduction test (NBT)
-neg in patients with CGD because they don't make oxygen radicals
what is the valence of an Ig molecule equal to
number of Ags the Ab can bind to
what is the name of the process that ensures that each B cell produces only one heavy chain variable domain and one light chain
allelic exclusion
what is the major ab of the primary immune response
what form of immunity is responsible for removal of intracellular infection
t or f
direct fluuorescent Ab test is used to detect Abs in a patient
direct test is for Ags
indirect test is for Abs
what is the triad of Wiskott-Aldrich?
mode of inheritance
what complement factor deficiency leads to
1. inc pyogenic infection
2. recurrent gonoccal infection
3. leukocyte adhesion deficiency w/ poor opsonization
4. hereditary angioedema
1. C3 def
2. C5-C8 def
3. C1, C2, or C4 def
4. C1 inhibitor
which IgG can't activate complement
name the T-cell CD marker
1. essential for Ab isotype switching (for B cell binding
2. interacts w/ MHC class I
2. exprssed on all T cells and is needed as a signal transducer for the T cell receptor
4. interacts w/ MHC II
5. is a costimulatory molecule in T cell activation
1. CD40
2. CD8
3. CD3
4. CD4
5. CD28
what three cells are essential for t cell differentiation in the thymus
dendritic cells
thymic epithelial cells
what is the only specific ag presenting cell
b cell
what is the tetrad of jarisch-herscheimer reax
dec BP
(after tx for syphilis)
what is the name of the B cell that secretes Ig
plasma cell
what would be the result if an Ab were cleaved with papain
there would be two Fab and Fc regions
what is the bone marrow maturation time for a phagocytic cell
14 days
which leukotrienes are assoc with the late phase inflammatory response
what is the term for the strength of the assoc between Ag and an Ab
affinity (one of each)
t or f
more ag is needed to produce a secondary immune response than a first immune response
fewere Ags are needed
what is the term for the strength of association between multiple Ab binding sites and multiple antigenic determinants
(more than one binding site)
what Ig mediates ADCC via k cells, opsonizes, and is the Ig of the secondary immune response
what test is used to detect ant-RBC Abs seen in hemolytic anemia
coombs test
what subset of T cells recognizes the MHC I
CD8 cytotoxic T cells
what cell surface marker is found on activated helper T cells
what re the five Ig isotypes
which integrin mediates the adhesion to endothelial cells for migration to and out of the blood during an immune response
beta-2 integrins
what type of hypersensitivity is an ab0mediated response against our own cells, receptors or membranes via IgG or IgM
type II
what is the term to describe the limited portion of an Ag that is recognized by an Ab
antigenic determinant (epitope)
what cytokine do Th1 cells secrete to inhibit Th2 function
what three cells are essential for T cell maturation
thymic epi cells
dendritic cells
what is the term for a single isolated antigenic determinant
what are the two opsonizing factors
Fc region of IgG
what is the most common Ig deficiency
what is the name of the B cell rich area of the spleen
primary follicle in white pulp
what IL, produced by macrophages is chemotactic for neutrophils
what Ig prevents bacterial adherence to mucosal surfaces
what are the three rules of clonal selection
one cell type
one Ab type
random selection of hypervariable regions, and only cells with bound Ag undergo clonal expansion
what is a plasma cell's life expectancy
7 to 14 days
what are defined by Ag binding specificity
what type of binding occurs with one Fab or one idiotype of IgG
what molecule that is needed to trigger T cell activation is noncovalently linked to TCR
what is the term for Ags that activate B cells without T cell signaling
thymus-independent Ags
what are the three rules governing a secondary immune response
1. covalent binding between the hapten and carrier
2. b cell esposure to hapten twice
3. t cell exposure to carrier twice
what type of hypersensitivity is a T cell mediated response to Ags that are not activated by Ab or complement
type IV
name the macrophage
1. liver
2. lungs
3. CNS
4. kidney
1. kupffer
2. alveolar
3. microglial
4. mesangial
what is the first human disease successfully tx with gene therapy
adenosine deaminase (ADA) def
what receptors are the best markers for NK cells
CD 16
CD 56
t or f
ag-ab binding is irreversible
what three major cell lines participate in the acquired immune system
t cells
b cells
what test is used to screen for HIV
ELISA for anti-p24 IgG
during what stage of b cell development is IgM first seen on the surface
immature b cells
what Ig is responsible for ADCC of parasites, has a high affinity Fc receptor on mast cells, and basophils and is responsible for the allergic response
t or f
b cell ag receptors can be secreted
are more abs produced in a primary or secondary immune response
by which process do abs make microorganisms more easily ingested via phagocytosis
what MHC class acts to remove foreign Ags from the body
what disorder is characterized by autoantibodies to IF
pernicious anemia
what cytokines do Th2 cells secrete to inhibit Th1 cell function
what is the term for the number of Ag-binding sites on an Ig
which major cell type is found in the red pulp of the spleen
what is the name of the pathway that produces leukotrienes
what is the term to describe basophils, that have left the bloodstream and entered a tissue
mast cells
what are the three major functions of secretory IgA
IgA receptor
transport of IgA across epi
protection of IgA from degradation proteases
what IL is important in myeloid cell development
IL-3 (3 face down is an M)
what is the term for different classes and subclasses of the same gene products
what is the first Ab a baby makes
what test by using specific Abs to different receptors allows for rapid analysis of cell types in a blood test
flow cytometry analysis
what is the name of the T cell rich area of the spleen
what three complement fragments are also anaphylatoxins
name the B cell CD marker
1. req for class switching signlas from T cells
2. receptor for EBV
3. used clinically to count B cells in blood
1. CD40
2. CD21- a complement receptor for cleaved C3
3. CD19
what immunologic test checks for a reax between Abs and a paricular Ag (hint: ABO testing)
agglutination test
which leukotriene is chemotactic for neutrophils
what Ig is assoc w/ mucosal surfaces and external secretions
what are the genetic variants of a molecule within members of the same species
what cytokine do CD4 t cells secrete to activate B cells when the specific peptide in the groove of the MHC II molecule interacts with the TCR
IL-4 is secreted to activate B cells
-> begins ACTIVATION
CD4 t cells also secrete INF-alpha to activate macrophages
which protein prevents internal binding of self proteins within an MHC II cell
invariant chain
what would be the result if an Ab were cleaved with pepsin
Fab' fragment- it could still participate in precipitation and agglutination
why are patients with CGD not prone to develop infection from catalase neg bacteria
catalase neg bacteria secrete H2O2 allowing the neutrophils to use it as the substrate for other toxic metabolites
patients with CGD are prone to catalase pos infections
(NADPH defect)
what are the two chains of the TCR that are mainly found on the skin and mucosal surfaces
gamma and delta chains
which IL is assoc with increases of IgG and igE