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What is the name of your club?
Harrisburg Judo Kai
Name of Instructor?
Sensei Mike Stone
What is the name of your judo organization?
USJA - United States Judo Association
Who was the founder of judo?
Dr. Jigoro Kano
What is the name of the school he founded?
The Kodokan
What is the date of the founding of Kodokan Judo?
What was unarmed combat called in Japan before judo?
How long had unarmed combat martial arts been practiced in Japan?
600 to 1,000 years
Name the three parts of unarmed combat in English and Japanese
Throwing Techniques / Nage Waza
Grappling Techniques / Katami Waza
Striking Techniques / Atemi Waza
Name the three parts of a judo throw in English and Japanese
Off-balance / Kuzushi
Entry / Tsukuri
Completion / Kake
List the belt ranks in order by color
White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Black