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What is the 54th Massachusetts?

The first African American regiment to serve in the army.

What is an arsenal?

A stockpile generally made up of military weapons in a specific area.

What is a border ruffian?

An armed supporter of slavery whom crossed Missouri state borders to vote in Kansas during the mid-1850s.

What is a border state?

states on the border of the North and South





What is a civil war?

a conflict between citizens of the same country

Define enlist.

to formally join a military force

What is a fugitive?

a person running away from legal authority

What is a martyr?

a person that dies for a great cause

To secede is to ___.

withdraw/break away from a nation/organization

What does secession mean?


What does siege mean?

the attempt to force surrender by blocking the movement of people/goods in or out of a place

States' rights is what?

the idea that states should have all powers the Constitution does not specify to the federal government or forbid to the states

What is the total war strategy?

the plan to bring war to the entire society

What is a bounty?

a reward/payment

What is a casualty?

a soldier that is killed/wounded/capture/missing in battle

What is a draft?

a system of selecting people for required military service

Entrenching is what?

-being placed in a trench/ditch for defense

-a place in a strong defensive position

What is a flank?

the side/edge of a military formation

What is greenback?

paper money issued by the federal government

Habeas corpus is what?

a legal writ/order giving prisoners the right to be heard in court

Ironclad refers to ___.

warships that were "clad" or covered with iron for protection

What does resistance mean?

refusal to give in

What does rigid mean?


A tributary is ___.

a stream/small river flowing into a larger one