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Which of the following bodies was created in 1949 to provide research and technical services to Texas legislators?
A. The Legislative Budget Board
B. The Legislative Budget Office
C. The Legislative Audit Committee
D. The Legislative Council
E. None of the above
D. The Texas Legislative Council
Some limits are placed on the powers of the presiding officers of the Texas legislature by
A. legislators.
B. lobbyists and state administrators.
C. the governor.
D. the electorate.
E. all of the above.
E. All of the above
Which of the following reforms for the Texas legislature is/are suggested by the authors of the text?
A. Annual sessions
B. Longer terms of office for legislators
C. Higher salaries for legislators
D. More legislative control over special sessions
E. All of the above
E. All of the above
The most significant power of a presiding officer of the Texas legislature is the right to ____
A. recognize members who wish to speak before the legislature.
B. vote in order to break a tie.
C. serve on initiative and referendum panels.
D. appoint members to standign committees.
D. appoint members to standing committees.
Biennial sessions have the effect of
A. presenting legislators with many bills to consider in a relatively short time.
B. providing legislators with more time to schedule hearings, hold debates, and fully analyze the bills.
C. concentrating power in the presiding officers.
D. both A and C.
D. both A and C
Senator Jane Nelson researched other states and found that the best way to pass term limits was through
A. active speakers advocating change
B. the initiative process.
C. the recall process.
D. legislators holding hearings and passing legislation
B. the initiative process
The speaker of the House in Texas is _______
A. elected by the members of the House of Representatives at the beginning of each session.
B. elected by the citizens of Texas in a statewide election.
C. determined by the seniority system.
D. appointed by the lieutenant governor.
A. elected by the members of the House of Representatives at the beginning of each session.
The approach taken by Lieutenant Governor Hobby was to
A. let the process develop
B. be patient and listen to debate
C. be personally involved and control the process.
D. both A and B.
D. both A and B
Term limits would ______
A. enhance the power of speakers.
B. limit the speakers' influence.
C. limit the voter's right to select their elected officials.
D. both Band C.
D. both B and C.
If the Texas legislature fails to redistrict, responsibility for redistricting is assumed by ___
A. the governor.
B. the Texas Legislative Council
C. the Legislative Redistricting Board.
D. none of the above
C. the Legislative Redistricting Board
2-20 T/F
Every state in the United States has a bicameral legislature.
Which committees in the Texas legislature most closely resemble select committees in the U.S. Congress?
A. Standing committees
B. Subcommittees
C. Conference committees
D. Ad hoc committees
E. Interim committees
D. Ad hoc committees
Critics of the existing system believe that initiative and referendum would _____
A. empower voters.
B. weaken the influence of special-interest groups.
C. enable the passage of term limits.
D. all of the above.
D. all of the above.
2-21 T/F
The Texas legislature is responsible for its own redistricting as well as for that of the Texas congressional delegation.
2-23 T/F
Because all of the formal powers of the lieutenant governor and the speaker are specified by the Texas Constitution, legislators have no recourse against a presiding officers who is arbitrary in the use of power.
In the Texas House of Representatives, bills are referred to the proper committees by the _____
A. governor.
B. lieutenant governor.
C. speaker.
D. parliamentarian.
E. bill's sponsor.
C. speaker.
The number of members in the Texas House of Representatives is
2-22 T/F
Compared to legislators in other large states, Texas legislators are well paid.
Which of the following statements concerning party organization in the Texas legislature is NOT correct?
A. There are no party caucuses in the legislature.
B. Both Democrats and Republicans chair standingcommittees in the legislature.
C. The presiding officers of the legislature generally de-emphasize partisanship.
D. Party floor leaders have existed in the House for less than two decades.
E. Party divisions are much less important in the Texas legislature than in the U.S. Congress.
A. There are no party caucuses in the legislature.

(there are party caucuses in the legislature so this is NOT true)
The average age of state legislators in Texas is approximately
The speaker of the Texas House of Representatives is chosen by the ______
A. electorate
B. governor
C. members of the House
D. lieutenant governor
E. none of the above
C. members of the House.
The current salary for legislators in Texas was established by _____
A. the governor.
B. the legislature.
C. the Texas Supreme Court.
D. a constitutional amendment.
E. none of the above.
D. a constitutional amendment.
Special sessions of the Texas legislature called by the governor are limited to a maximum of how many days?