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The average age of members of the House of Representatives in the 106th Congress when it convened in January 1999 was _______
A. 55
B. 43
C. 45
D. 52
D. 52
By passing the War Powers Resolution, Congress was attempting to reassert its authority in __________
A. the budgetary process.
B. committing troops to combat overseas.
C. the domestic policy process.
D. the legislative process.
B. committing troops to combat overseas.
Rounding up the votes to pass the legislation that the majority party in Congress wants is the principal job of the
A. minority whip
B. majority whip
C. committee chair
D. speaker
B. majority whip
Oklahoma Representative J.C. Watts states that a person running for elective office should be motivated for all the following reasons EXCEPT ________
A. getting involved in public service.
B. trying to make a difference.
C. getting elected for the salary.
D. feeling like one can make a difference
C. getting elected for the salary.
Which of the following positions in the Senate is most influential in determining the policy of that body?
A. President of the Senate
B. President pro tempore
C. Speaker of the Senate
D. Majority leader
D. Majority leader
Which of the following is a function of Congress?
A. Lawmaking
B. Declaring war
C. Regulating the conduct of its members and punishing them by censure or expulsion.
D. All of the above
D. All of the above.
Which of the following is considered a desirable committee assignment in the Senate?
A. Rules Committee
B. Ways and Means Committee
C. Foreign Relations Committee
D. The President
C. Foreign Relations Committee
Which of the following gives a senator of the president's party an informal veto over presidential appointments in that senator's state?
A. Systems maintenance
B. The power of the purse
C. Senatorial courtesy
D. The lawmaking function
C. Senatorial courtesy
How many African Americans served in the 106th Congress, with all but one being a member of the House of Representatives?
A. 31
B. 35
C. 38
D. 39
D. 39
Which of the following is true regarding the speaker of the House?
A. The position of the speaker is provided for by the Constitution.
B. The speaker has the power to preside over the House.
C. The speaker has the power to recognize or ignore members who wish to speak.
D. All of the above.
D. All of the above.
More than half of the nation's population are women. What percentage of the 106th Congress were women?
A. 5 percent
B. 12.5 percent
C. 15 percent
D. About 25 percent
B. 12.5 percent
Representative Tom DeLay, the majority whip, plays two roles: one is a national role and the second is to ________
A. secure a leadership role.
B. represent the people of one's district and state.
C. earn an appointment by the major political party.
D. influence legislation for the special interest groups.
B. Represent the people of one's district and state.
A representative whose vote automatically mirrors the will of a majority of her/his constituents is acting as _________
A. an instructed delegate.
B. a trustee
C. a Burkean disciple.
D. none of the above.
A. an instructed delegate
If a bill is passed by both houses but is not in identical language, it is sent to which of the following in an attempt to iron out the differences?
A. A standing committee
B. A select committee
C. A conferecne committee
D. The president
C. A Conference Committee
The chair of a congressional standing committee is determined by the ______
A. speaker.
B. majority leader.
C. majority party.
D. minority party.
C. majority party
Members of the House of Representatives and Senate do far more than _________
A. their counterparts in the executive branch.
B. is expected of the judicial branch.
C. all the civil servants in the bureaucracy.
D. make laws
D. make laws
Which of the following is in a position to block the passage of legislation by virtue of having power to control the flow of legislation to the floor of the House of Representatives?
A. The speaker of the House
B. The House Rules Committee
C. The minority floor leader
D. The majority floor leader
B. The House Rules Commuttee
As a result of the 1994 Republican congressional victory, which of the following became speaker of the House?
A. Representative Tom DeLay
B. Representative Dick Armey
C. Representative Newt Gingrich
D. Representative Charlie Rangel
C. Representative Newt Gingrich