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established worlds 1st research lab

Perfected the incadescent light bulb
Alexander Graham Bell
invented the phone
George Pullman
built a factory for making railroad cars

Provided clean houses, doctors, offices and shops for his employees
Transcontinental Railroad
Railroad stretched to Utah

Provided jobs for immigrants

connected different regions of the US

Created time zones
Interstate Commerce Act
reestablished the right of the federal government to supervise the railroad activities and lower the rates
Andrew Carnegie
Made a fortune in steel

Started working with the railroads, then entered the steel business
Sherman Antitrust Act
made it illegal to form a trust that interfered with free trade between states or with other countries

(was made so that corporations could not stop competition)
Samuel Gompers
Led the Cigar Makers International Union to join with other craft unions in 1886

President of the American Federation of Labor

AFL focused on bargaining, and negotiation between representatives of labor and management
American Federation of Labor (AFL)
Focused on collective bargaining and negotiating between representatives of labor and management to reach written agreements on wages, hours, and working conditions.

Used strikes to reach many of the agreements between the workers and the management
Mary Harris Jones
Very important leader in the women's labor movement

fought for better working conditions

Organized for the United Mine Workers of America
Edwin L. Drake
First person to succesfully use a steam engine to remove oil from the ground.
Bessemer process
Injecting air into molten iron to remove the carbon adn other impurities

By 1880 this process was used to create over 90% of the nation's steel
Christopher Sholes
Invented the typewriter
How many time zones is the Continental US divided into?
Continental US is divided into 4 time zones
If it is 5 o'clock Eastern Time what time is it centeral time?
4 o'clock
Which 2 railroads reached the west coast in 1869?
Union Pacific Railroad

Central Pacific Railroad
How did electricity effect factories?
the machines in the factories were ran by electricity

the factories could move away from other power sources such as rivers
Social Darwinism
A belief that a process of "natural selection" weeds out less suited individuals adn enables the best adapted to survive

This process discourages government regulation
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
Killed 146 women workers when a fire broke out in the factory
people that were hired to break strikes